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| C O N N E R |

The morning after they had f*cked each other was possibly the most awkward experience Conner ever had the displeasure of being put through. He woke up to an aching pain in his backside, knowing already that his entire day was going to end up being a pain.

He groaned, rubbing his eyes as he sat up. He winced, moving around with his a$$ definitely didn't feel good. He slid off the bed, his toes curling around the plush carpet. He didn't remember walking across the carpet when he first entered the room... probably too busy watching Braden strip.

     Conner glanced around the room, looking for his clothes. They were nowhere in sight. He sighed crossing his arms around himself. Walking around naked was kind of awkward.

     The aroma of bacon drifted through the air, making Conner's stomach rumble. He looked over at the bed, realizing Braden wasn't in it. It must have been him cooking the delicious smelling food.

Conner stumbled down the hallway, his legs wobbling a bit. He felt like he needed at least another two hours of sleep, although judging from the sun out, he had slept like 10 hours. Whatever. Sleep was more important to him than any other duties he had to put up with.

     Conner licked his lips as he finally made his way into the kitchen. Braden stood in front of the stove, humming a sweet tune. He was dressed in only a pair of plaid boxers which suited him. Conner resisted the urge to smack his a$$ as he snuck up behind him.

     Conner frowned as he looked at what Braden was making. Bacon, toast, and fruit. The fruit and toast looked average enough, already sitting off to the side on two plates. The bacon looked weird, though.

     "Is that turkey bacon?" He asked.

      Braden jumped, about whacking Conner upside the face as he turned around. "Conner!" He exclaimed as his eyes landed on the cynical blonde twink. "You're awake!"

      "No sh*t, Captain Obvious. What's with the bacon?" Conner rolled his eyes after having to repeat himself. He couldn't deny how much he liked the sound of his name rolling off of Braden's tongue, though.

     Braden blushed, scratching the back of his neck. "Sorry. Uh, it's vegan bacon actually. So not real bacon."

Conner's face scrunched up with disgust. "Are you f*cking kidding me?"

     "Don't hate on it before you taste it," Braden chided, pulling the faux bacon from the pan and on to a plate.

Conner reached over Braden to grab a piece before his hands were batted away. Conner scowled, huffing as he tried again to get some of the bacon. And again, Braden smacked his grabby fingers before they could reach the food.

"It's still hot, sweetheart. I don't want you getting burned," Braden said, making Conner snap his teeth at him.

"I'm not your sweetheart, dipstick," Conner growled before backing off. He lifted himself up to sit on the counter.

About a million things were running through his mind.

You would think that all his pent up frustration and anger towards him being mates with Braden would have just evaporated into nothing after sleeping with him. But no.

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