Part 33

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I quickly call his cellphone but he doesn't answer. I walk back inside of my house, I walk into the kitchen when I see a note.

'If you ever want to see your precious Cayden ever again, then I suggest you stay the hell away from my mafia


I hold the note so tight it ripped, that son of a bitch!


I run out of my house and hop on my motorcycle. I sped to the gang house. I bursted into the house. "Who here is a fucking mole!?" I yell on the top of my lungs with rage in my eyes holding up the note. Everybody looked at me petrified. 

Everyone was quiet. "ANSWER ME! Or I swear to god I will start killing people!" I yelled and people pushed forward a boy who looked maybe fifteen or so.

"I'm s-sorry I didn't want to b-but th-hey forced m-me. They told me they would kill my mother." He said his voice breaking, my eyes softened at him. "Okay, I just need to know where they are right now, do you know where they are?" I asked and he nodded.

He gave me the address. I got home and put knifes in my combat boots, I took a few guns in my belt and ankle case. I put one last thing which was a two blades knife which I put in my bag fulled of reloads. 

Marco better watch out I ain't playing this idiotic game anymore. I took my new McLaren 57OS I absolutely love this car. If i'm going to kill Marco it might aswell be with class. 

Cayden's pov (MUWAHAHAHA)

I woke up to a banging headache what the hell happened? I look around the unfamiliar room, where the hell am I? Where is Sky? The door opened and an unfamiliar person walked in. 

He was on his phone and he spoke in a language I didn't understand. "Cosa intendi per non sapere dov'è? come puoi perdere una ragazza del cazzo?" He yelled in the phone. "sì, ho il ragazzo che lei sicuramente verrà dopo di lui." he smirked at me as he looked at me. 

I tried getting up but my hands are tied to the ground I was laying on. He got off the phone and crunched down to my level. "too bad you have such a pretty face." He said in a deep Italian accent, holding my face with one off his hands. "What do you want?" I asked him threateningly. "Revenge." He said standing up, he pulled out a lark from his jacket. 

He took a sip of the alcohol and looked at me.  "You do know who I am right?" He asked with an raised eyebrow. I shook my head no, I have never seen him before in my life. "So Skylar hasn't told you about me?" He said and my eyes widened. "YOU SON OF A BITCH!!" I yelled rage filling my eyes. i struggled against the chain that held me to the ground. 

"Ah so she has told you about me, but I have to say I would rather be called a handsome bastard." He said laughing to himself like a maniac. He walked up to me and raised his fist, his hard fist collided with my face making me grunt I will definitely have a bruise tomorrow. 

"Well we might as well have some fun right?" He said taking a knife from his jacket. I felt the cold metal against my cheek, he sliced through my cheek slightly I resisted the urge to wince. I will not let him see me in pain. 

He began beating the shit out of me, I by know had probably many bruises. Everything began to get foggy my eyes felt like a million pounds. I tried resisting the urge to close my eyes but it didn't work. I closed my eyes and my ears were ringing like crazy.

I heard the door open but I couldn't open my eyes to see who it was.

Skylar's POV

I took my gun out and walked inside. About ten guards began attacking me, but I wasn't having it. I took kill shots on everyone except one. "Where the hell is Cayden Black and Marco?" I asked him threateningly holding him up by the collar. "I will ever tell you." He said then took his gun and shot himself. Well that was inconvenient for me, I guess I can just find it by myself. 

I walked through the hallway I found like five doors. I walked through the door on the right. I couldn't see Cayden there. frustrated I walked out and into the second room, I opened the door with a thud. I saw Cayden unconscious and beaten up with Marco next to him with only bruised knuckles. "Missed me?" I said to him sarcastically. 

"Actually I have Bella." he said with his Italian accent as always. "Well I haven't so, if you will just let me have Cayden and I will be on my way." I said looking at him with fire in my eyes. "I'm sorry Bella but I can't let you do that:" he said looking at me. "Well that's unfortunate, if you don't give me Cayden I will kill everyone you care about, or even have talked to." I said threateningly. 

"But, bella how can you do that when you're alone?" He asked, I just looked at him. "You were always weak, you can't kill me I know that." he said and I was like bitch what the fuck? "Marco I am not the weak girl I used to be, even if you kill me my gang will kill you." I said in a matter of fact tone. "Oh will they? You don't think they will chicken out when they see my mafia?" He asked. 

"Are you serious? Have you seen the difference between mine and your gang? mine is bigger Marco." I said. "Is it that now? You haven't heard about the new gang I've gotten an alliance with?" he said and he could tell by the look on my face that I didn't know. 

"Oh Tom." He said and a familiar face walked inside of the room. "Tom? What are you doing here?" i asked him. "Ah bella, this is Tom the gang leader I have an alliance with." He said and I was in shock. "Tom are you serious? after what he did to Rose!? I can't believe you right now." I yelled at him.

"It was never about Rose Sky!" He bursted out. "I just wanted you to suffer I never even liked Rose." He said and I was on the tip of crying. "Why? Why would you do this? Why would you be with Rose if you didn't like her?" I asked him and a tear slided down my cheek.

"Because I want revenge on you Sky." He said. "What? What did I do?" I asked him. "You killed my brother." he said and I froze.


Hey bishes I'm back! Sorry for not posting in awhile I was just in a little confusion on how to write this chapter. But enough about that we have reached over 20k! That is awesome I would never have believed I would get this much on this story! At first I was writing this for a joke you can notice that in the first few chapters. I love you guys so much! Thank you!

Bye bishes! 

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