111| Avalanche

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An avalanche shrugged off from the heights,
A river of blood
Pouring down from the sky,
Ruby crystals and diamond fractals
Spiraling around
To the depths of ground,

Hold me,
Under the sheets of snow
Bittersweet it tastes when you let go,
Under the high tide
Of words
Let me sink down to the bottom
Of this world,

Dancing below the dunes of life,
Isn't it like paradise?
To swim inside a void,
Of a cold misery
And a salty prickling sea,
Coming down from the mouths of the undermined,
Across the clouds
Some red sand gardens lay flat with pillars tall,
A heaven behind the pall,

Lulled me in a trance,
A broken prance,
I can't fight to climb up the fence,
An escape from the strings
Tied around my wrists,
Ankles in twist,
Pull me up while I drink the mist,
Lighter, and lighter,
Growing delight or
Bubbling within,
A strong scent of rotten skin,

Made it to the surface,
Made it to the end,
Look back, and regret,
Regret the hand
That pulled me over
And the mist that quenched my life
Now, Wish the strings would crawl up and hover,
Around my neck and pull me from the sky,
Miss the Oblivion and paralysis it gave,
An Avalanche is what I crave.

Made it to the surface,Made it to the end,Look back, and regret,Regret the handThat pulled me overAnd the mist that quenched my lifeNow, Wish the strings would crawl up and hover,Around my neck and pull me from the sky,Miss the Oblivion and paraly...

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Kinda complex. Avalanche here just means something to put you back down and create an aversion from the world inside you. It's more like feeling exhausted by trying to get better and feeling like we were better off worse.

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