Chapter Thirty-One: Friends

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"I'D LIKE TO thank Calla for believing in me, for knowing I was innocent." Lorenzo said, lifting his champagne glass. Everyone at the pack table followed in suit, raising their glass.

"To Luna Calla." They all murmured at the same time, followed by the clinking of glasses.

I felt a blush spread across my cheeks, turning me an embarrassing shade of vermillion. I had gotten a drink people referred to as 'kids wine', as I was still underage, but found the bubbles felt like pins and needles in my mouth. I didn't know whether I liked it or hated it. Now I used the glass to hide my embarrassment, tipping it upwards and pretending to drink from it, nearly spilling it down the sides of my face. Percyus gently eased the glass down, giving me an amused eye roll. I gave him a sheepish grin.

"I'd also like to thank the Moon Goddess for providing her with the power to heal. I will be forever in her debt. Lastly, I'd like to thank my friends; Jenny, Riley, and Myra, for staying by my side through this whole process."

     I felt Percyus bristle next to me in his seat, obviously noticing the fact that Lorenzo was leaving him out. Lorenzo has been angry with Percyus, saying he was a horrible friend for not believing him. Percyus couldn't even defend himself, accepting defeat. Lorenzo was now just rubbing it in that he was the only one of the people at the dinner who hadn't stuck by his side. I was livid.

     I swallowed the lump in my throat as people started clinking glasses again, sipping leisurely on the wolf-grade alcohol. I couldn't help but be angry at Lorenzo for being so close minded about how Percyus felt. He was just trying to protect me. Lorenzo nearly killed me, bewitched or not, it was a memory I would carry forever. Not even my healing powers could mend the wound he cut. But I was willing to look passed that and see him for who he really is. My friend. However friends obviously didn't mean much to him when things went south, because he hadn't uttered a word to Percyus since he yelled at him for being a bad friend.

     I remember so vividly.

     Percyus ripped my hand away from Lorenzo as if he expected him to whip around and finish what he started before. I knew he would do nothing of the sort. The moon Goddess told me so herself. Knowing this, knowing his innocence I started to struggle. "Percyus! Let me help him! Please!"

     "You're fucking crazy, Calla! You realize he tried to kill you? He is dangerous!" He yelled, spinning me so I could no longer see Lorenzo. My head spun at how fast he did that, nearly losing my balance. I could only see the green eyes of my mate, seething with anger, his grip on me firm, not letting me run around him to help Lorenzo.

     I wasn't scared... I wasn't scared. I need to be strong. Don't give into fear now. Don't you dare. "Why can't you just trust me, and realize I'm just trying to help!"  But my voice started to wither away.

     He made a face of sarcastic wonderment, "Oh wow, I wonder why? Maybe because he tried to fucking kill you! With poison? Remember that?"  He had a firm hold on my shoulders and shook me as if trying to rattle the crazy out of me. I flinched at his loud voice, for a second seeing Master standing there screaming at me, not Percyus.

     I pulled away from his grip, hurt flooding my expression. My heart started to pound, my stomach turning uneasily. He saw this and his gaze immediately softened, his hard façade melting away into guilt. He closed his eyes and muttered a curse at himself, his grip falling away from my shoulders and he put his hands in the air as if in surrender. "Calla, I didn't mean to yell at you."

     A single tear rolled down my cheek before I wiped it away, trying to snuff out my tears. "No, I-I shouldn't have taken your keys like that. It was rude, and dumb, and bad. I'm sorry." 

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