Chapter 1

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I was walking down the halls with my head down. It was my second day in this school, so I had not yet made any friends and thankfully no enemies as well. I had also come to know that this school had no problems with gay students, which came as a big relief seeing that I was gay. I don't like hiding my sexuality, why should I? So what if I love the same sex, it's love after all. I was not the kind of gay which people thought, like being all girly, talking in a sarcastic way, wearing colorful clothes or any form of makeup and being very flamboyant. NO. I was a normal teen, who wanted to study, get good grades and get into a good college and to make his parents proud.

Oh sorry, I didn't introduce myself, did I? I am Finley Reynolds, a gay teenager, whose family had transferred from Seattle to New York as my dad had got a promotion. I have known myself to be gay since, like, forever and the best part was that my parents were so supportive of me. Because they knew that being gay does not mean that you, as a person changes, you still remain the same for everybody. Even in this new school, I did not plan on shoving my gayness down everybody's throat. They would come to know about me eventually.

(A/N_16/07/2019-It has come to my notice that many people are getting offended by the above paragraph where I have stated the word "normal". Please note that I am a 100% supporter of the LGBTQ community and by no means want to degrade the people of the community. I just wanted to point out the stereotype society has about the gays. The word "normal" signifies the comparison between a homosexual and heterosexual person. Meaning that Finley is as normal as any other heterosexual person. However, if you guys feel that it still offends you or the community in any way, let me know so that I can remove this paragraph altogether.)

As I was walking towards my lockers, I could see girls looking at me and sending me a flirty smile or giggling. And if I dared to look at them, I bet you they would turn into a puddle. I mean, I am not that good looking. I never thought of myself as a very handsome person who would make girls swoon with just one look. It sometimes confused me as to why they behaved like that. And anyway, I did not even swing their way. So, I ignored them and proceeded to my locker. Just as I was about to reach out to open it, someone bumped into me from my back causing me to crash onto my locker door, face first.

I winced and put my hand on my nose, where I was hurt the most. I turned around to look at the culprit and saw two 6 foot guys standing with pure horror on their face.

"Oh fucking shit. I am so sorry dude. Really. It's not my fault. Walter just pushed me and I unfortunately bumped into you. Walter you better apologize. See what you did?" The guy addressed the last part to the guy standing close behind him who also had a guilty look on his face. I was just looking at them, blankly and my hands still on my nose. The guys were handsome, no doubt about that and I had seen them joking about in the campus. For a moment I thought that they must be playing a prank on me since I am a new student, but by the looks on their face, they were sincerely apologetic.

"Hey buddy, I am extremely sorry. Genuinely sorry. Hope you are not hurt badly." The other guy, Walter, said. I just nodded and stumbled when I felt a bit dizzy with just a shake of my head. Both the boys came forward and grabbed me by my elbows.

"I think we should take you to the infirmary." The guy who was on my right said. I lightly shook my head again.

"No, it's ok. I'm ok now. Thanks for the concern guys. I think I'll just have to go to the washroom to clean the blood and then I'm all new." I said while taking my hands off my nose so that I could speak properly. By the expression on their faces it seemed that they did not like my state and the blood that was coming out of my nose.

"Okay, but we will come with you. It's our fault anyway." Walter said and gently pushed me towards the direction of the boy's washroom. They stayed their all the while I cleaned the blood and kept saying sorry again and again. When I was finished, I turned to them and said,"Seriously guys, it's ok. You didn't do it purposely. So please stop apologizing now." I smiled to assure them I had forgiven them.

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