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Here we are in a bar restaurant, we got some food.. seulgi eating all of them.

While im waiting for another drink i whispered to wendy "Take a lot of picture of her eating."

"Hmm.. this is so good, do you want some irene?" Seulgi ask while her mouth is full.

"Uh.. its okay. Im already full."

"Oh okayyy, how bout you wendy?" She ask again with her mouth full, geez thats disturbing.

"Hey stop talking with your mouth full, we're in public." I sternly said.

"Ahahaa..well im going to leave you two while i take this call." Wendy awkwardly excuse herself. As she left, the waitress gave me my drink, and bowed. Once again im alone with seulgi.

"Hey its tuesday tomorrow, we still have class and you're drinking?"

"Eh.. i dont care, my aunt owns the school where i go, im sure she'll take good care of my grades." I coolly sip my drink, she eyed me.


"How long have you been notattending classes?"

"I dont know maybe weeks?" I shrugged. As if i care?

"Why are you not attending?" Seulgi eyed me again while putting some food in her mouth.

"Aishh.. stop asking questions and eat okay???" I put some more food in her mouth.

"Yahhh you're not getting away from my question!" She yanked my hands away from her. I quickly looked for some waitress and address her for more drink.

"Sorry, as you can see im having so much fun, i dont want to answer some lame questions." I drank more and hug the waitress girl.

"Umm.. ma'am, why are you hugging me?" The girl ask, i didnt even bother to answer her and just hugged her instead. She kinda looked like seulgi, with her monolid eyes, just a little bit... but she looks soo cute.

"Sorry about my friend, i think the effect on the drink got her." Seulgi parted me away from the waitress. I pouted, i gotta be friends with her, she's sooooo cuteeeee! And she looks fun to hang out with. I looked for a name tag but i found none. I guess I'll have to ask then "Hi whats your name?" I ask the girl.

At first, the girl hesitated. In the end she told me her name. "It's dahyun."

"Why are you working here? This  doesn't look like the job for you." I frown, she looks so young to be in here.

"Oh im not working here, im just waiting for my friend, but then she was doing something and gave me the soju you wanted. Im kinda giving her a hand i guess. Thats all.." dahyun reason out, she then smiled afterwards.

"Oh.. can i have your number then?" I confidently asked. Dahyun giggled at my confidence, "ofcourse, hand me your phone then." I grinned and handed her my phone. She put her number on it and handed me my phone back, "Here you go beautiful, i need to go now..text me anytime!" I nodded and she left.

"Had fun flirting with that dahyun girl huh?" Seulgi suddenly asked. I forgot that seulgi was here the whole time. Oh yeah.. she was the reason why i paid attention to someone else.

"No i wasn't flirting with her, i was being friendly." I defended. Cant i just be friends with anyone?

"Flirting friendly what?" Wendy asked as she sat beside me.

"Seulgi thought that i was flirting with the girl i met earlier."i explained, "oh ok, gosh you guys act like two jealous couples. Stop arguing over small things ok?" Wendy said as she took the bottle from my hands, and drank the soju. She didnt need to take the soju off my hands, there's another bottle of soju on the table. And why would we be a couple?

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