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Seulgi's POV

"Im sorry unnie.. my parents didn't want me to be friends with you, so they made me live with them in london.. i promise im not going to leave you again." Yeri sadly said.

"Is it because my family was not wealthy like yours was right?" I frown.

"I dont know.. unnie,its in the past.. please leave it that way and forget. "

"No! I was falling apart that day. I needed someone..and no one was there for me!" I shouted at her, i didn't realized i had ran away after i had said that, i let my feet lead me to where im running to. I needed someone to comfort me. I think irene will comfort me.. she makes me happy when im down. Finally, me and yeri had talked.. i dont like seeing her anymore. It pains me that people leaves me.. i hope my friends dont leave me.

When im in front of Irene's apartment i knock on the door.

Irene's POV

I saw my phone lit up, so i pick it up. And jennie's name can be seen on my lockscreen.

Jen♡: Hey Im boreddddd

I: Do something then.

Jen♡: i want you hereeee

I: i thought lisa is with you?

Jen♡: she left.. =(

I: bye

Jen♡: oh so you're coming!? 😀

I: No.

Jen♡: Rude

I: Just let me go back to my sleeppp~

Jen♡: Fine, bye then.. You have to buy me a drink next time.

I rolled my eyes at her last text, im not buying her a drink for sure.

Ah sorry if i forgot to tell you guys, me and jennie became very close now.. of course seulgi doesn't know. I mean seulgi knows that i talk to jennie for her, but she doesn't exactly know that we're close as friends.

Jennie is sweet you know, she stopped being popular now because it made her realized that her attitude was mean, she promised to not hurt seulgi anymore and she admitted that there's no reason to hurt seulgi like that when all seulgi did to her in the past was being a nice friend.

I wanted to text seulgi,but she didn't talk to me this morning, and she didnt even bothered texting me today. What a shame.. she thinks she'll ignore me that easily, So i went to text her.

Seulgi's babe: Heyyy booo😘

Something caught my eyes, i answered seulgi's call!? What theeee? I dont even remember answering that call. Oh wait... i get it.. so thats why i thought it was my alarm, Sooo stupiddd Joo-hyun.

I think she heard me with wendy, oh what ever.. wendy is just my friend anyway, its not like seulgi have feelings for me or i have feelings for seulgi, well to be honest i kinda like seulgi. Seulgi's my bestfriend you know, and i wanted to know the reason why she doesnt love anymore, yes. Its been a long time that she didn't tell me the reason.

Ok back to seulgi's call, i better call her back or she might ignore me. So i called seulgi, but she didnt pick up.

Oh well what do i do now..? Oh sleep,
But then i heard a knock, oh ok something to do? Who is it now.. atleast i have something to do with my boredom.

I opened the door and saw a sad seulgi. I saw tears running down from her face, i wiped them off with my thumbs. Seeing her like this made my heart ache.

"What happened seulgi?" I ask as i hugged her, trying to soothe her.

"I hate people who i love, leaves me suddenly you know? Thats why i stopped loving anymore or they might leave me.."

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