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Irene's POV

Its been a month now, me and seulgi are so close. I didnt know we'd be that close in a short amount of time. I've learn alot about seulgi, she lives with her friend jisoo, loves to dance, sometimes lonely in class, kinda sad sometimes? And etc blah blah blah,and she gets excited when she sees me, Just kidding.

Anyways im with wendy right now, im walking her to school, i dont know why but she made me walk with her. I dont like people looking at us, they thought that we were a couple because wendy is clinging on me like a koala, and kisses my cheeks unexpectedly. I secretly wipe off her saliva on my face, eww so disgusting.

"Oh hey seulgi and moonbyul!" Wendy waved, still clinging on me. When i heard seulgi's name i immediately push
Wendy off me.

"Oww hey!"

"Oops sorry my bad.. i thought i lost my phone.." i awkwardly explained, Then helped wendy get up.

"That was an interesting fall, but are you okay though?" Moonbyul ask wendy, im patting wendy's butt now. What? Her jeans are dirty.

"Yeah are you okay wendy?" Seulgi ask, still not looking at me for the past few minutes. Whats her problem? We're close and she cant even look at me. Rude, Might as well make her jealous while im at it. Its her fault for ignoring me. Hehe

And so i hug wendy so tight and kiss her on the corners of her lips.

Seulgi's POV

Omo, did she kiss wendy on the lips?
Im annoyed at her right now, they're both acting like a couple in front of us.
Irene is still kissing her i guess, i saw wendy blushed. So i had to cough to get their attention.

"Uhmm.. yes seulgi?" Wendy asked, still blushing.

"Ahh sorry, something got stuck on my throat." I fake cough again.

"Yeah.. come on guys, class is about to start soon." Moonbyul said, they both wave a goodbye at irene while i just stare at irene blankly. I dont know when i started to get jealous of wendy? Maybe because their both close and they often hang out alot. I mouthed an i hate you, and she mouthed an i hate you too. I throw a piece of rock at her, Serves her right.

We three are now walking inside the school, then suddenly moonbyul ask wendy. "So.. what's up with you and irene?"

"Nothing.." wendy mumbled,

"You're suspicious."

"Fine! She was my ex, but we're friends now. Happy?" Wendy said, i couldn't believe that they were lovers.

"I sense something, hmm?" Moonbyul teased.

"Yeah.. my feelings for her came back.." wendy sadly said, tearing up.

"Its not that bad wendy." I said as i pat her shoulder, i look over to moonbyul, she now have a guilty face because of wendy tearing up. I wiped off wendy's tears and reassured her "Dont worry wendy, irene might like you back."

"I dont know.. it doesn't look like it."

"Then why did she kiss the side of your lips earlier?" Moonbyul ask as she wiggles her eyebrows. That made me bite the inside of my cheeks, now that i thought of it i want to push wendy off the stairs. Ahahha you know im just joking right? -.-

Why do i feel this weird things, like being jealous? And serious. Gosh maybe im not in the mood, yeah thats right.. im not in the mood right now. Maybe because its monday, moonbyul's teasing isnt helping me but help wendy.
I mean shes kinda helping wendy calm a little, but she's making me moody.

"Oh shoot its late! Lets stop the drama for awhile and get to class!" Moonbyul said, running to go to her class, Leaving me with wendy.

"Yeah its late.. i guess ill see you later seulgi." Wendy smiled and left. I went to my english class, as i enter i saw the teacher is teaching, i excuse myself and she proceeded to teach. I sit down on my chair and listen to the teacher.

I heard some whispers beside me, and saw some eyes on me. I look outside, ignoring the stares from my classmates.

I saw a figure of a girl outside, waving at me? Oh wait no i think she was waving at her friend. They reminded me of yeri.. us being together having fun like kids.


Class didnt go well for me, i had to stay behind and came home late.

Im laying on my bed, trying to take a nap. I wanted to call irene, and so i called her.

"Wendy! Did you put an alarm on my phone again!? Ugh i swear wendy im bout to-"

"To what?"

"Oh you know.."

then giggles can be heard on the other line of the phone. Are you serious right now? Even in their house, they act like a couple, even worse.. wendy has feelings for irene. Why do i even care? Nevermind I'll just forget it.

I ended the call because irene didnt notice me. I went to the kitchen, looking for something to eat and then i saw jisoo, with someone?

"Hey seulgi! Want some?" Jisoo ask, her mouth is still full with chicken, the person with her is kinda short.

"Oh dont mind her." Jisoo said, the girl turn her head to look at me and smiled.
Its yeri??

To be continued

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