25 | Number 4 - Klaus (3)

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imagine: @aliceolivia15 enjoy! <3

'Can you do an imagine where the reader finds out that Klaus was kidnapped by Hazel and Cha Cha and then she goes and finds him being
tortured there and saves him?'
Warning: feels and fluff at the end I guess

It was three days since you last saw Klaus, and you were beginning to get extremely concerned. You let your sister Eudora know, before You went to the Umbrella Academy and asked both Diego and Five where he was, but they both said the same thing. 'He disappeared when two masked vigilantes attacked the house'

You turned pale and your heart dropped. Could they be anymore oblivious?! He went off the radar when they attacked, and Klaus is normally too high to realise a thing- they must've taken him

'Is there anything they left behind?' You asked Diego. 'Well we have blood samples?'

'Give them to me'

You sat down next to your sister who had the blood scanned. 'The blood came from a woman named Cha-Cha, but this is strange-'

'What's wrong?'

'It says here her blood matches time periods like the 1600's and 1940's' she raised an eyebrow.

Scanning the computer, you threw your head back in annoyance. 'Where are they now? Surely you can track them'

Patch nodded, pressing a couple buttons. 'It says here they're hiding out in a motel on the other side of town'

The both of you looked at each other. 'But we need to wait for Diego' she mumbled and you groaned. 'I thought you said you're over him!'

'I am! It's just, I miss him being at the police academy every day...'

'So you're not over him' Patch gave you a death glare.

Hours passed and Diego didn't pick up any calls from either of you, when you found out Meritech lab was up in flames

The two of you went there to see Diego's van with a message on.


And a brochure to the same motel we found online. You exchanged a look with your sister, before snatching the leaflet driving there

Patch cleared her throat as you got to the receptionist, making the guy bluntly look up at her. 'I have reason to believe two wanted criminals are in this motel'

'Just two?' The receptionist dude snickered

'I'm gonna need to take a look around' the guy rolled his eyes and explained how you were going to need a warrant and left to the back room

You leaned over and grabbed the room Keys, and began to walk down the rows of rooms, whilst your sister still tried to get a hold on Diego. 'Hi Diego, just letting you know me and y/n have gone to find your brother. Let me know where you are.'

You were about to go past another room, when you heard a bashing from inside

And your heart stopped.

Klaus was inside, completely bloody from torture and strapped to a chair, smashing his head against the table to grab your attention. The criminals didn't seem to be in, or so you both thought

Patch opened the door quietly, as you rushed to your boyfriend and took off the tape on his mouth, kissing him with as much passion as you could

'Are you Diego's brother?' Your sister asked and he nodded, whimpering

'I'm detective Patch and I gather you're well aquatinted with my sibling y/n...'

You grabbed a knife and cut him out of the straps as you heard the bathroom door creaking

They were home

You and Klaus ducked as your sister let off a gunshot

'Get on your knees!' She screamed, as the guy came out and sat

Then, the unthinkable happened. Before You could even comprehend what was happening, Patch went pale and limp, your eyes drifted down to her stomach. Trapping the woman and man outside, you only had minutes left

You sobbed uncontrollably, trying to get your sister to stop bleeding. 'I love you y/n. Don't forget that...' she drifted off, her eyes closing. Klaus pulled you away, getting you out the back door.

'NO! No Klaus stop! Stop please! I need to help her! I need to' you went weak, and passed out into his arms

It was three days after you watched your sister die, and you were sitting blankly in Klaus's bed. 'How are you feeling?' He placed a chaste kiss on your lips

You scoffed. 'I should be the one asked you this. You were tortured. I nearly lost you too...' you choked back tears for the billionth time, as Klaus took your hands in his

'We're going to get through this y/n/n. It'll take some time, but we'll be okay. Diego won't come out of his room either you know' he told you gently, as you caressed his cheek

'Thank you babe' you sent him a small smile, as he cuddled up next to you, holding your hand and placing a kiss on your collar bone

'I love you y/n'

'I love you too'

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