23 | Number Five (13)

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imagine: @taehyungui enjoy love <3 xoxo

'Can you do an imagine where Five returns from the future and he goes to Griddy's Doughnuts and he finds this ordinary girl sitting down and they have a conversation (close to his age - not 58 obviously) and they realised they have a lot in common after that Five gets attacked and protects her but noticed that she's hurt and he's scared beause he finally thought he found someone that understood him'

Warnings; None that I know of, spoilers for the first ep, feelz

Word count: 1304

It had been a...difficult day for Five. To say the least. He'd returned back to modern day, having to deal with the trauma of losing all of his siblings and the destruction of Life on Earth. Then he remembered Griddy's. A local coffee shop he went to with his siblings.

'Where's Vanya?' Allison asked, walking into the kitchen. 'oh, She's gone'

'That's unfortunate' Five rolled his eyes. 'An entire square block, forty-two bedrooms, 19 bathrooms but not a single drop of coffee'

'Dad hated caffeine' Allison crossed her arms. 'Well, he hated children, too, and he has plenty of us!' Klaus let out a forced laugh

Five groaned in frustration. 'I'm taking the car' Klaus sat up, intrigued. 'Where are you going?'

'To get a decent cup of coffee!'

Allison raised an eyebrow. 'Do you even know how to drive?' Five glared at his sister. 'I know how to do everything' he snapped, before teleporting away

Oh how he missed this place. The smell, the bright lights. He had some good memories here, when their father actually let them leave. He expected to be the only one here, but he spotted a young girl, about his age, sitting on her own with a milkshake. He flushed red, before sitting a couple of seats away

Y/n L/n. That was the girls name. With beautiful h/c hair and piercing e/c eyes. She blushed when she saw Five enter the coffee shop. He's HOT. She subtly turned to take a look at him. His dark hair fell slightly over his eyes. He was tan, with gorgeous forest green eyes

'Are you okay?' The boy chuckled, noticing y/n practically gawking at him. 'Oh! Y-yeah! Just wondering why you're here so late' she let out an awkward giggle

Five liked her already

'I could ask you the same question' He winked, making her smile. 'Just needed some time on my own. Things aren't really going well with my parents right now, family problems' she shrugged, turning to look at him whilst taking a sip of her milkshake, blowing a strand of hair out her face


Five nodded understandingly. They were about to continue their conversation, when a man sat next to the boy and the waitress came over. 'Sorry, sink was clogged. So, What'll it be?' she pulled her notepad out her pocket

'um, get me a chocolate eclair' the guy nodded. 'Should I get the kid a cup of milk or something?' she asked, making the boy give her a death stare. 'The kid wants coffee. Black'

The waitress laughed nervously. 'Cute kid'

The boy rolled his eyes before turning back to the girl, tapping her manicured nails on the counter. 'I don't remember this place being such a shithole. I used to come to this place when I was a kid. Used to sneak out with my brothers and sisters and eat doughnuts till be puked'

Y/n smiled. She wished to have siblings. 'Sounds awesome. It was bought up an only child in New York, so I had quite a lonely childhood. I bet you and your siblings were close'

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