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Mary's POV

I ran out of the studio . As I ran I bumped into Ethan .

"What's wrong baby ?" He asked.

I pushed him out of the way and headed out to leave . He chased behind me . I quickly got in and sped off leaving him confused. My mind was racing a million miles per second. Memories filled with August rushed through my mind like a race car in a race track .

I don't even know if I want Ethan.

15minutes later at Chris's house

He opened the door and I immediately ran into my brothers arms .

"I miss August." I cried into his chest .

He held me tight . He knew the hurt I was feeling was extremely strong.

"I MISS MY BABY !" I was frantic.

"I MISS MY MOMMY AND DADDY !" I couldn't contain anything back anymore.

His hold was strong. Chris was holding me up . I just wanted to collapse onto the floor .

"I don't want Ethan, I want August back ." I was stating the impossible .

Trey's POV

As I walked out of the restroom I heard loud cries that shouted for help . I quickly jogged down the stairs . Chris was holding Mary up .

She was crying out for August. She was crying out for her deceased love . She was crying out for her lost loved ones .

She reminds me of a wolf without a pack . A lost little wolf in the lonely woods . The lonely woods is the world she's living in . When she cries out she's howling out to the moon or to who ever hears her pain . She's a damaged wolf with many scars .

I made my way over to her and took her into my arms . My hold was tight . She needs her family. She needs us two . I couldn't let her down by not being there , I needed to make sure she has someone to hold on to .

"Mary don't forget the angels in the sky watching over you ." I reminded her of her parents.

"I miss August." She said in a tone of voice that sounded like it gave up .

As I held her in my arms  Chris pulled out his phone . He was searching for something.  Two minutes later a video began to play on the tv screen .


August threw her over his shoulder and threw her on the couch . 3 seconds later he started tickling her .

"Chris! Help!" She laughed .

"Why did you run . Let me show you some love ." August said as he tickled her .

"Can't a man show his girl some love ." He said causing her to laugh even more .

"August staaaap!" She laughed uncontrollably.

Mary pushed him off of her but landed on the floor on top of him .

She sat on his lap as he lied on the floor laughing uncontrollably . Mary leaned down giving him lots of pecks on his lips.

He sat up with her still on his lap .

"Thank you ." She said to him .

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