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Fill the Form in this page ONLY.

1) Book Title:

2) Sub-Title:

3) Author:

4) Graphic Needed:

5) Mood/Genre:

6) Ideas/Suggestions:

7) Image Suggestions:

8) Celebs (If any):

9) Fonts and Colors Suggestion:

Please do mention, if you want effects on the image or on text. On Both, they look too absurd in covers. 

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Please Note: 

I really would like to make a special mention here that please be specific about your ideas and if possible please supply images. At the same time, not all ideas can be made, so kindly be considerate with it because I'm a graphic artist not a photographer to find the picture that fulfill all demands. Please understand and give me some artistic freedom. It will be okay if you do not want to use it. I can always make changes too.

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