chapter six

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(Aubrey POv)

once we got to our hotel room Hayes showed me up against the wall and slammed his lips against mine he licked my bottom lip asking for and entrance witch I let I could feel him getting hard threw his shorts he pulled away and walked away being a tease "where do u think your going benjamin" I yelled he sang around and walked up to me and grabed my sides and squeezed them hard "what did u just call me" he yelled in my face not loosing his grip "ow Hayes your hurting me" I said trying to pull away from his grip "shut up and get undressed" he yelled I was kinda scared but I obeyed him he pushed me on the bed and startled me he started kissing me and I went to pull off his shirt but he slapped my hand away "no your not aloud to touch or make any noise you are getting punished" he said leaning back down kissing me he pulled hi shirt off and then his pants and boxers and slammed into me with no warning I screamed and he pulled out and got up "what did I tell u" he said walking over to his bag and grabed a condom he put it on slowly "now I will only take it off if u are a good girl" he said laying back on me and inserted himself into me I stayed quiet by digging my nails into his back witch make him moan I bit my lip trying not to moan but failed and he let it slip I keep moaning and so did he "baby I I'm so cllllosssse" I yelled "me to" he said "on three" "1-2-3"  he release in me and I released in him "that was amazing" I said and he laughed I got in the shower and the got dreased in sweat pants and hayes sweater and put my hair in a messy bun and went to be

just wanna say happy birthday cameron u r amazing hope u have a wonderful 20th birthday

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