Chapter 2 / Scyfis

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Well, I've come to the fact that I'm not tired, and my grandfather is fast asleep. His repetitive snores are quite loud actually. So I might as well just go and see what's on this ship.

Getting up, the creaky wood floors were nearly an alarm every time I stepped away, but I managed to get to the door.

Opening the door, it just couldn't help but creak against the quiet hallway. Stepping out into the hall, I come across all the people who were drunk and dancing, they were all asleep now. Opening the door, it was clearly night time. The deck was clear, and the stars were out, it was so pretty. Millions of stars coated the sky.

The ship's lanterns were dim, they gave an eerie glow.

"Hey ho sailor!" A man called out to me who was high, way above the deck. As I climbed the stairs, he said, "Watch out the board is loose." Stepping over it, he gives a hand to help me up.

"What are you doing up young one?"

"I can't sleep..."

"Ah, just had to keep Captain Jo company huh? What's ya name lad?"  asks, Captain Jo.


"Kai? That's a strange one."

"Where ya from?"

"I really don't think I should say... you put yourself at risk taking me aboard."

"Ha! I've handled criminals on my ship before, you think I'm worried about some measly boy?

You're in good hands, Captain Jo's got ya!" he says, yelling out into the river.

"Do you know where ya get off at?"

"Well we are traveling up Scyfis, I think we will stop at the next Drader's post...

We are trying to get to the Village of the Elders."

"What for?" asked the Captain, suspiciously.

"My grandfather has a house out there," I say, lying.

"Hmm... well in order to get to the Village of the Elders, you will need to get off at Drader's Market which is the next post. But we won't be there till morning, so you might as well get some sleep until then," says Captain Jo.

"I am feeling a little tired, maybe I will. Thanks, Captain Jo."

"No problem lad, watch out for the board."

Stepping over the board, I head down the stairs, and back through the door I came, seeing the same faces slumped over against the wall.

Turning the corner, I see a shadow hovered right next to my door.


"Not who you think boy?" says, a womanly voice.

A girl comes from out of the shadows, the girl who stared me and grandfather down on the deck.

She was dressed in all leather now, with her cloak hanging over her shoulders.

"Who are you?" she asked.

"My name is Kai, what about you?"

"Eris," she says, walking closer to me.

"I know what you are... I say with confidence."

"Really?" she says, pulling out a dagger from behind her back.

"I want to see your power boy... show me your power," she says, darkly.

I'm soon backed up against the wall as she slowly walks closer to me.

"I felt your power from the docks... being this close, it's so rich," Eris says, breathing on my neck.

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