To GrandParents House We Go

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"I don't wanna go," Shawn mumbled with his face buried in his arms as Justin packed their bags for the both of them.

"Shawn go get your green dress shirt from the closet," Justin told him, not really interested in the teen's complaints as he checked off the list of things they needed for the weekend trip.

"Are you even listening?" Shawn asked with a huff. Justin didn't look up from his notes. "I'm really not baby, I want you to get your green shirt." He replied in monotone.

Shawn rolled his eyes and got up to go get it. Justin looked in Shawn's direction and smirked, shaking his head. They were going to be visiting Justin's family, primarily his maternal side for the weekend and Justin wanted to make sure they had everything before going out the door.

Shawn came back shortly with the shirt on the hanger in his hand. Justin looked up at the taller boy's presence and smiled. "Thank you, baby doll." he said as he took the shirt.

Shawn mumbled a "You're welcome," and sighed in exasperation. Justin raised his eyebrow and smacked his brother's butt playfully. "I should be the one sighing all dramatically, you're making me pack by myself." Justin said in a dramatic, sad voice.

"You're making me go on a trip against my will," Shawn crossed his arms and glared at his brother who was faking hurt shock. "How could you, Shawnie? Not wanting to go on a trip with me? Oohhh," he fell over on the ground dramatically and laid there.

Shawn wasn't having it so he just sat on the bed and glared at his brother who was being silly in a moment where Shawn was serious. Justin started laughing at Shawn's clearly upset face and got up and caressed his cheek, sitting next to him.

"Okay I'll bite. Shawn, why don't you wanna go?" Justin moved his fingers from Shawn's face to his hair, in particular his long floppy curls that were starting to cover his eyes. He ran his hand through his brother's hair, pushing it out of his face.

"There, now we can see that pretty face of yours," Justin teased. Shawn blushed and shook his hair, getting it back to its normal floppy state. "Stop it," he muttered, turning away from his brother.

"You haven't answered me baby," Justin rubbed Shawn's back gently, rubbing in some slow small circles as he made his way down to his lower back and hips, clearly enjoying the fact Shawn was distracted so he could wedgie him.

Justin's fingers wrapped themselves around Shawn's waistband and Justin pulled up slowly, exposing Shawn's underwear out of his joggers.

"Ow! Ow!" Shawn whimpered as he buried his face in Justin's neck and sniffled, slightly falling off the bed in-front of Justin, trying to escape. When that didn't work, he whined as a few tears fell from his eyes and he wrapped his arms around Justin's waist, hiding his face in his neck.

Justin still had a firm grip and pulled a little harder to get the fabric in his brother's cheeks. Shawn whined and squeezes his brother in discomfort. "These are stretchy, I wonder if I could pull off an atomic." Justin smirked, he was sure he wasn't able to get his brother's undies on his head but he wanted to scare Shawn.

"No!" Shawn yelled and started to cry. He grunted in pain as Justin continued to work his red briefs into his backside. Justin took notice of Shawn being uncomfortable so he stopped pulling and let his underwear snap back into the top of his pants.

Shawn was still crying though. Justin sighed and rubbed his brother's back. "Did it hurt that bad baby?" Justin asked as he reached into Shawn's joggers and pulled his wedgie out for him. Despite that, Shawn kept crying and holding onto Justin for comfort.

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