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i'm impatient and have a terrible curse in which i only love stories that take the author ninety years to update. yes mal and em, this is a not so subtle way at hinting i love you, i love your stories, but i hate that i have to wait so long to read them. anyway, i've decided to stop being such an ungrateful pushy brat all the time because i know coming up with words takes time... even though there's like this giant book (*cough dictionary) that holds 171,476 words to use and decided that i was going to create my own informal novel.

yep it'll be like reading a bunch of tweets except with no word count, less swearing, and hopefully (fingers crossed) better grammar. but just like twitter, i'll do my best to insult my best friends as unsubtly as possible. also, i'll be discussing other people's lives -outside of those best friends that i will unsubtly insult- quite extensively. more specifically, i will discuss how people (and occasionally things) change my life for the better.

we live in a world where "thank yous" don't always reach the ears of the people who need to hear them. and sometimes the things we need to say thank you don't have ears. so this is me attempting to remind myself and society to be just a tad more grateful.


some thank you's that i will share will come in chains. for example: thank you calculator that the only times you've failed me was during math tests and when you didn't magically grow a fist to punch Shimko when he graphed a penis on you. but thank you immature other friends for avenging me by then drawing several penises on his calculator with sharpie. thank you sharpie for doing your job and not smearing as he tried forcibly to remove the artwork. and thank you mom and dad that if you read this you won't be disappointed that i said penis online more than two times. (i thanked you ahead of time so seriously don't be too disappointed in me)

however others, will be short quick thank you's that just a simple sentence will do it enough justice. for example: thank you mr. martin for making us take those dumb planer tests because in all my years of wood shop i never heard the words i heard today "can the school nurse please report to the wood shop".

but no matter how i write it, they're all going to be genuine.

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