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His- he rambles on about the strangest shit sometimes

You- you are constantly humming or singing a song


His- his innuendos. he knows you love em ;)

You- you twirl your hair CONSTANTLY


Her- She always blushes when you kiss her, no matter the occasion

You- you talk to yourself. She'll constantly wake you up in the middle of the night giggling and telling you in the nicest way possible to shut the fuck up


His- he always huffs and pouts when he doesn't get his way. Wins you over every time

You- you LOVE Pranking him

Number Five:

His- the pick-up lines. oh the HORROR. And his smirks. He smirks ALL THE DAMN TIME

You- you bit your lip or bite the inside of your cheek. You've even drawn blood a couple of times


Him- getting super flustered when you do something bold like sit on his lap of put your hand on his leg in public

You- you bite your nails when your stressed (I deal with this horrible issue)


Hers- being super quiet and 'apologizing for existing'

Yours- how your nose scrunches up when she kisses your nose

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