Chapter Fifteen-"You know we could do so much more with that tongue"

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~Dedicated to love triangles~

Chapter Fifteen-"You know we could do so much more with that tongue, don't you think?"

You know how school is supposed to be the place where rumours spread like wildfire? Well, that was exactly true. When I got to school, the only thing that everyone was talking about was the whole showdown between Sean and Dave at the carnival. Of course there were tons of different versions of the story, some about how Sean was on drugs and others on how Dave freaked out about finding out he failed his driver’s license and took out his anger on Sean, but the one thing that was the same in all the stories was the fact that I, Vivienne Lanter, the girl who was called geek a few weeks back, was part of the fight.

Yeah, me, the geeky girl was somehow the root of this little brawl and everyone suspected that there was definitely a love triangle going on. It was funny really, because half of the people who were gossiping about me, never even spoke a word to me until now. And even now, it was just to find out who had won the fight and if I was really pregnant. Yes, Redwood High was definitely turning into one of those schools where rumours spiralled way out of control.

Walking into the first morning French class and taking my seat next to Juliet, I realised that everyone was giving me sidelong glances and whispering. With a roll of my eyes, I turned to my best friend who was shooting anyone she caught staring, her killer glare. For a moment, I smiled as I examined Juliet. Her red hair was pulled up into a loose ponytail and her bangs were pushed to the side of her forehead. Her green eyes were outlined by a thick layer of black eyeliner and her lips were bright red.

“Jules, is it just me or are you dressed up for a guy?” I suddenly asked.

Juliet turned to me and narrowed her eyes as she replied, “Guy? What guy, you know I don’t do guys from this school.”

I smiled knowingly, “How’s Chris?”

“Chris?” she repeated, “Why would I…know that?”

“Oh you know,” I replied, turning my attention to Mrs Flavia who had entered the class with a bright smile on her face.

“What’s she so happy about?” Juliet commented, changing the subject, “Maybe she got laid?”

I rolled my eyes at my best friend, “Please Jules.”

“Anyway,” Juliet replied, “you so owe me an explanation of last night.”

I gave Juliet a look of disbelief, “What so you don’t know?”

She shrugged before answering, “How would I? As soon as Sean arrived, I left after he dunked you and then I come back and you’re gone.”

“And you didn’t even think to call the cops to check if I was abducted?” I asked, my eyes widening.

Juliet laughed slightly, “Seriously Viv, you have a way too wild imagination and besides you were supposed to be on a date with Dave.”

I sighed, “You miss a lot.”

“So, what happened?” Juliet asked excitedly.

With a groan, I recited the whole fight between Sean and Dave, including the very oh-so-knee-wobbling kiss between Sean and I. I watched my best friend’s eyes light up with enthusiasm and as soon as I had finished my awful story about the carnival, I knew Juliet was bursting to say something, but before she could get the chance to, Mrs Flavia interrupted in her thick French accent.

“Attention class,” she called out, while clapping her hands to get everyone to stop talking.

Once the noise had died down, she smiled and continued.

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