Chapter Twelve

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A week had passed since the party and Stephen and I had barely said anything to each other. The only conversation we've had since than was the day I broke things off with him. I still haven't told Austin and I was planning on keeping it that way, I didn't need my brother coming to my rescue all the time.

On a brighter note, Jason and I were starting to get closer, both on and off the field. As a boy Jason and I were now civil towards each other, not exactly friends, but we no longer wanted to kill each other. As a girl though, we were pretty much best friends. We laughed at the same things, had the same interests and we could text all day without running out of stuff to talk about.

We only had about three weeks left here at camp before we had to go back home and get ready for school. The thought of not seeing Jason 24/7 saddened me, but at least we could still keep in touch through texts.

"So, how are things between you and my sister?" I asked Jason as we jogged alongside each other on the track.

He shrugged his bare shoulders. "They're okay, we just started talking so I can't really say too much right now."

Damn, I wanted some gossip.

"Okay." I simply said and kept jogging. I wanted Jason to spill the beans to me, I needed to know what he thought of me. I wasn't completely over Stephen just yet because we were dating for a while, but I needed something to distract me and Jason was the perfect candidate.

"Keep your eyes forward." I heard someone harshly say from next to me. I snapped my head to where I heard the voice and scowled once I saw Stephen jogging next to me.

"I will when you learn to keep your hands to yourself." I hissed at him and took off running so I wouldn't have to hear him scold me anymore. He had some nerve telling me to behave myself, at least I didn't hook up with someone else.

"I can't wait to go home." Jason sighed as we walked inside the cafeteria.

"Me either, I miss my bed." I said and rubbed the knots out of my neck.

We continued to make idle talk until Jason was shoved by a fuming Stephen.

"What the hell man?" Jason asked and shoved Stephen back even harder.

"What are you doing talking to my girl?!" Stephen asked and pointed at me.

People began to whisper and snicker as my heat began to heat up in embarrassment. What the hell was Stephen doing?!

"Your girl? What the fuck are you talking about?" Jason asked Stephen with a harsh glare.

Stephen rolled his eyes and sighed. "This isn't Austin you dumbass, it's-"

Just so my secret wouldn't be let out I did the only thing I could think of; I punched Stephen in the face. Stephen groaned in pain as my eyes widened in horror at what I just did.

"Oh my gosh, I'm so sor-" I began to apologize until I was cut off by Stephen tackling me.

I screamed as I was tackled into the wall behind me. I knew Stephen had a temper, but I was still shocked that he actually tackled me. Even more shocking is the fact that he just punched me in the ribs, and painfully hard might I add.

I gasped in pain as I struggled to say Stephens name so he could be brought back to his senses. Jason managed to pull the raging teenager off of me as everything started to become dizzy. I weakly sat up and felt something run down my neck.

"Holy shit, Austin you're bleeding." Someone said before I blacked out.


"How could you do this?! Have you lost your mind, boy?!" Someone yelled. "And you! I should rip your balls off for hurting my daughter."

"I'm sorry, sir."

I groaned and tried to move, but everything felt heavy and woozy. The yelling stopped and I heard a curtain being pushed back.

"Dallas? Honey?" Someone gently said and carefully ran their hands down my face.

I groaned and slowly opened my eyes and immediately wanted to shut them back. Looking down at me was mom and standing behind her was a furious dad. Just beyond the curtain Stephen and Austin were sitting in some plastic chairs with their heads down.

"Mom? Dad? What are you guys doing here?" I asked and tried to sit up, but I was pushed back down by mom.

"The question is what are you doing here?" Mom asked with a glare and crossed her arms.

I looked around and noticed that I was laying on a bed in the first aid. Why was I here? And how did mom, dad and Austin get back here so fast?

"What happened?" I croaked.

"You don't remember?" Dad asked and sat down on a chair next to my bed.

I gave him a blank stare as he sighed and rubbed his temples, something he did when he was frustrated or stressed. Guessing from the yelling I heard earlier I'm guessing he was frustrated.

"No, why am I here and why does my head feel like someone ran it over?" I groaned and grabbed my head where a dull headache was forming.

"Do you care to tell her why her head hurts?" Mom asked Stephen with a glare.

Stephen got up from his chair and shuffled into the small area where he was being given death glares.

"Stephen? What's going on?" I asked my ex boyfriend. What involvement did Stephen have with this? We weren't even talking anymore, more like I wasn't talking to him anymore.

Stephen gulped and nervously wrung his hands together as he gave me an apologetic look.

"I put you in here."


Who knew Stephen could be such a douche right? I wonder what's gonna happen now with Jason!

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