Chäpter Nïne

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Evangeline's P.O.V

I was walking back from my dress fitting, thinking about how odd it was that the familiar clicking of my heels proved difficult to hear echoing through the halls like usual, this instance being overthrown by all of the fanatical noise of voices and people bustling about.

I gently prodded my way through the crowds, finding myself inhaling in the heavenly smells of the kitchen. The smell of chocolate wafted towards me, the aroma filling my senses and giving me a craving for the delicious treat. When I saw none around, I just continued back on my original path towards Della's office with a pout on my lips. Some chocolate would've been delicious...

The castle was swarmed with servants and cooks alike, their main purpose being to prepare for the ball that what going to take place tonight.

It was originally plained for my 18th birthday, along with my coronation for the throne; except, thanks to Alexander, I now had no throne to claim but his.

This ball was now known as my engagement party, as if everyone in the castle was overjoyed with my betrothal. Of course they weren't; I wasn't even the smallest bit okay with the proposal, much less wanting an actual celebration.

I continued my path through the crowds, a smile beginning to pull at my tight lips. I had always loved when my parents would plan something; something about the happiness and excitement of the people, helped make the walls feel less lonely and empty. It filled the halls with much needed happiness and excitement, along with myself.

When I had finally made it through the majority of the crowds, I straightened my dress and finished making my way towards the medical wing.

After numerous turns and stairs, I finally found myself at the door of Della's office. I didn't really think of it as an office anymore though; more like a hangout or a safe place to hide away from everything.

I knocked lightly on the mahogany wood, my knuckles making such a light and quick sound, that it sounded more like a woodpecker hammering at a tree outside.

A smile began to pull at my lips as I heard the familiar muffled huff from inside the room.

"How many times do I have to tell you Mr. Grinnegan, it's nothing but a headache! Nothing is wron-"

I broke her off by pushing into the room, my head peeking around the edge of the door. I took in Della's messy hair and her disheveled uniform. She looked exhausted.

"Eva? Oh my sweet goodness! Shut the door and come in! It's been so long since I've seen you!" She turned and locked her eyes on me, her excitement soon being replaced by a reprimanding look.
"Two weeks! Maybe even three! What have you been up to that you couldn't come see me?"

I slid in through the crack and shut the door behind me, before turning the lock. Heaven knew what would happen if someone were to catch me in here! I wasn't allowed to see Della unless something was wrong, which of course, I did anyway.

"Della, you know I have to be careful! I couldn't risk one of the maids or guards catching me sneaking around like a little thief!" I laughed, not able to hold in my reaction.

I moved forward and into her open arms, letting myself sink into her embrace.

The love I felt for Della far excelled my love I held for anyone else--except for Apollo of course.

She wrapped her arms around me in a warm embrace, her natural smell of lavender and honey always doing the trick and calming my senses.

"I understand, my dear. Just try to be more sneaky okay? How's the fire coming along?"

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