The heart, The Girl, and The Fallen

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     Have you ever wondered what your emotions would be like if they were real people? How would they act, what would they like to do? Would they love some and hate others? Would they be at war to see who was strongest and deserved to be in control of the heart, or would they see that all emotions are needed?

    What about when you feel something new, like feeling true pain or your first heartbreak? Are they born as children or do they come into being as adults?

     What about when emotions change, from sadness to anger and finally to loathing? So many unanswered questions.

     This story takes place in the world inside of a young man's heart. But he is of no importance, it is his heart on which we will focus. This man's heart is complicated, it is as gold as the sun, but has depths so bleak and so black that he hides from them.

     At the center of the heart lies a forest, that is always in the process of fall. It's leaves, always a beautiful burning orange and gold mixed with the pure red of a Robin. During the day, this forest's sky is always overcast. The various mixtures of the lightest grey to almost black make the sky a canvas fit for the God's. When night comes to the forest, the sky clears to reveal a blanket of stars and far off nebulae.

     At the center of this forest lives a beautiful woman who self proclaimed herself it's protector. It's said that she may be the most important and most beautiful part of the heart. Some would challenge her for that. She of course, would accept their challenge and they would face her scorn.

     She was quite an intimidating figure no matter who you were. She stood just over six feet and had a muscular build. Her eyes were a deep purple and had a fire behind them that could make a grown man tremble. Her hair was perfectly straight all of the time and was black as Raven's feathers except for one silver highlight that went down the front.

     Although she was known throughout the heart, she rarely left the forest or had any interaction with the other aspects, other embodiments of certain emotions or feelings. But all of this changed one night. Everything she knew and could do would be pushed to their limits, all because the young man made a joke about baseball to a new girl.

     It was a normal night, nothing had really been happening with the heart. The ones who usually cause problems and tried to take the heart had been quiet and not tried anything. But on this normal night, when the woman was laying on her back in some tall grass and starting to doze off while gazing up at the stars, an event that shook the entire heart and changed the course of everything in it happened.

    As sleep just started to claim the woman, a tearing  sound ripped at the sky. It sounded like the sky itself was screaming and, in an instant, a flaming ball was falling to the forest. The woman, now wide awake, shot to her feet and watched as the "star" fell. It kept building in speed and it soon crashed into forest, out of sight of the woman, but the force still knocked her down.

     She lie on her back for a second, wondering what that possibly could have been and soon decides that she'll investigate. She didn't really have a problem with walking head first into possible danger. When you're the embodiment of personal will, you can't really afford to not be brave.

     It didn't take her long to reach the spot where the "star" fell, and when she did, she found a massive crater and many leveled trees. The crater was about fifteen feet down and maybe forty feet in diameter. She could see an smoking object in the center and decided that is what she needed to get. She partly side stepped and slid down the crater. She hit the ground and tripped and gave out a small "damn it."

     When she reached the smoking center, she wasn't really sure what to expect, but it definitely wasn't what she found. When some of the smoke cleared, there was a person curled up in a ball shaking, and covered in black soot. The woman was stunned, a new aspect hadn't been born in such a long time and none had ever fallen from the sky.

    After a moment, the woman realized that she was just staring, and then her motherly sense kicked in.

" Hello. Are you alright?" She asked as she rested her hand on this new person's shoulder.

     The smaller figure recoiled at the touch and gave a whimper.

     The woman pulled her hand back. "I'm sorry." She then observed that the figure had no clothes. She couldn't tell the sex of them because anything that would have revealed it was covered by their body. It was also very dark, and she couldn't make out any other traits other than they were smaller than most.

     The woman still had no idea what to do so, she took off her over shirt (she wore basic clothes, such as blue jeans and a t-shirt. Very often pulling on an over flannel shirt or something similar) and placed it over the body to keep them warm.

     "It'll be okay. I promise." She said caringly while petting the hair of the stranger. They had very soft hair that felt like cool silk.

     Soon, they stopped whimpering and opened their eyes. When their eyelids slowly slid open, a pair of the most beautiful eyes the woman had ever seen gazed upon her. They were a bright magenta color that actually seemed to glow, and we're filled with tears. As a tear slowly started to roll down her cheek, she looked up at the woman, pushed herself into the the only person that she had ever seen, and wept into her shirt. She pulled the woman close and squeezed her tight.

    The woman just hugged her back, trying her best to be comforting, patting their head gently. After some time passed, the new person stopped crying and seemed to calm down. The woman pulled back slightly so that she could look them in the eyes.

     "Who are you?" She asked gingerly. The only answer was a blank stare from those beautiful eyes. " Alright, what are you? Why did you come as a flaming ball from the sky?" The person seemed to have a look of understanding but just buried their face back into the woman's copious bosom.

    Then finally, the person spoke, their voice sounded like a child and it was only a whisper.

"I'm sorry. I don't know anything more than you do. I don't even know who or where I am." The woman understood. You never know where you are at first.

"It's alright. I understand, I'll stay with you as long as you want." The face smiled up to her.

"Thank you.. uh.."

"Anazra. My name is Anazra." They then shared a smile and the one with magenta eyes slowly rested her face on Anazra's chest again. After an hour or so, the child like figure said, very clearly and only once,

"The heart is in danger, the time for ghosts has come about" And they would not say another word the rest of the night. The two sat there until the sun had risen and Anazra kept repeating to herself 'the heart is in danger, the time for ghosts has come about."

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