Where is she...

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I just want to say that this fan fic starts off after John finds out who one of the students who kidnapped Seraphina is....Thanks too Cecilia's help....


John pins the blonde-headed boy to the wall. With John's  glowing gold eyes and and dark hair tousled around his face he looks terrifying...
"I-I thought y-you were a cripple!?" The boy says....

"Surprise Bitch!"

John says before punching him in the stomach as hard as he can. The blonde boy let's out a gasp and falls on the floor in agony..
"P-Please I know where she is.... just don't k-kill me....." John chuckles a bit and says," I'll tell you what... tell me where Seraphina is and I won't break EVERY bone in your body..." John puts very strong emphasis on 'every'. The blonde boy still in agony on the ground says,
"S-she is not on campus..." The boys stops for a moment and coughs up blood...'I knew she wasn't on campus...''
John thought to himself,"THEN WHERE IS SHE!?!?" John yells,"EeEeK...I-I don't know the address..B-but I can take you their.." The boy whimpers,"DON'T YOU DARE FUCKING LIE TO ME YOU LITTLE SHI—!!" Then Cecilia interrupts...

"John, he isn't lying, I think he knows what would happens if he were lying and you found out.." Cecilia says and grabs John's right shoulder...

"Ok, take me too her. But first, Cecilia, call Elaine.. Sera is going to be injured."

'I don't want here to see me like this... but how am I going to save her.. She would be able to tell it's me even with the mask.... please Sera... Don't think that I'm a monster.....'

John is keeping a close eye on the blonde boy as they walk on the side walk.. with every step him becoming more and more furious... suddenly John hears foot steps running up behind him,"JOHN!" He turns around and sees a blue haired girl with bright green eyes running up beside him and Cecilia,"I-I came as fasted I could.." Elaine said, immediately after he turns around and she looks into his eyes she becomes terrified... just like the day she came over after Seraphina called her to heal John..

those same cold and cruel eyes

"We don't have time to stand around and chitchat!" John says,"T-Then let's go.." Elaine says.

As they come up on an old abandoned house in a almost deserted neighborhood They hear a cry of agony...'Sera' John right away knew it was her voice 'Don't worry Sera.... I'm coming....' John immediately grabbed the blonde boy who lead them too Seraphina and slammed him to the ground knocking him out instantly,"I'll get to you later...Cecilia make sure he doesn't get away" John says in a menacing tone and walks with Elaine up the steps of the old run down house...

'She is going to hate me... she will think I'm a-a monster...' John says to himself

Seraphina's POV

'I have been here for two days.... Maybe people haven't noticed I've been gone... w-what if John didn't even notice... what if no one comes for me and I-I-...'  Sera is kicked in the stomach and she gasps for air,"Look at this pathetic piece of shit"Illena chuckles and grabs Sera by here throat. Sera has been beaten so badly she can't even fight back in the least.... all the others around watch,"I want you to admit it... say it... I Seraphina am a worthless cripple, I am at the bottom and everyone els is above me.... SAY IT!!" Illena punches Sera in the face with all her strength and she falls to the ground... just as Illena pulls her arm back for another punch.. Something grabs it and bends it backwards breaking it...Illena screams

"J-John.." Seraphina whimpers in pain her vision is blurry but she still can make out that it's him. Illena chuckles," you made a big mistake coming here cripple!" Illena smirks but soon that turn into the face of pure horror when she sees John's eyes light up with a golden glow...'b-b-but he is a c-cripple....' Illena is in pure shock as she activates her ability but before she can do anything he kicks her completely across the room into a wall ...he starts walking towards her and grabs her by the neck..

"H-Hey! Let go of her!" The blonde girl with golden eyes starts charging at John

He without even a flinch grabs her face and throws her to the ground

She is out cold...

John's POV

He looks at Sera who is being healed by Elaine. He looks straight into her beautiful blue eyes that have tears building up in them and says...."I-I'm so sorry.." he looks away from Sera and looks at Elaine,"Please...Get here out of here...she doesn't need to see this..." he has a single tear running down his cheek. He waits until Elaine gets Sera up and walks her out, she is half conscious 'maybe... she won't remember this.. and I can hide my abilities..no.. either way... I had to tell her...' John looks at the last three students,"HOLY SHIT LETS GET OUT OF HERE!" The spiky green-haired boy yells, him and the others run for the door. John uses one of their abilities blows a hole in the floor that leads to the bottom of the two story house. The three gasp when they realize they can't get out."H-he blew up the exit...!" The pink haired boy says,"What do we do now?!?" The green haired boy says..."we have to fight back..I'll shoot you two cover me!" The pink haired boy says...

The pink haired boy shoots a laser at John but he blocks it with his arm.. he has a huge wound in his arm but immediately uses Elaine's ability to heal it instantly,"He can heal himself too?!?!?" The Blue haired girl yells..
John as fast as he can lunges at at the pink haired boy, he hits the wall and falls down the whole in the floor that John had just created. John looks straight at the green haired girl, one of the two that are left, and he starts walking towards her,
"S-Stay back!" The girl yells she reaches her arm out and try's to activate her ability but before she can do anything he grabs her arm and punches her in the jaw once she is down he kicks her in the abdomen...one left...the green haired boy...,"Wait p-please!" He falls on his knees begging,"p-please don't hurt me... I-I'm so sorry.. we took this WAY to FA-...!"
Before the boy can finish his sentence John grabs him by the neck and punches him in the gut...

John walks outside of the abandoned house....,"Finally done?" Cecilia said,"Did you at least go easy on them?"She added. John closes his eyes and says

"We are done here."

Chapter end

Heyoo (^~^) it's me OverSaltedOlivia! I hope you enjoyed this chapter I will be posting more a soon as possible please leave any suggestions here.. thank you! <3

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