Chapter 2

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Y/N POV (17 years ago)

I was standing in front of the mirror practicing my invisibility. I'm really good at it now, but a long time ago it was really hard for me. I would try over and over to disappear, but I just couldn't. My dad would lock me in this room, this small, underground room.

I had seen Vanya go into this room one time. I got curious and snuck downstairs, because I saw Vanya, Grace, Pogo, Dad, and Allison. I was really confused.

I walked up to Dad and asked "Why does she have to go in there?"

He replied with "What are you doing here, Number Eight! Go back upstairs, and don't mention this again!"

I did as I was told and ran upstairs to play tag with Five, which was really hard because he could spacial jump.

A few months later, Dad was training with me 24/7, trying to get me to turn invisible. I started out okay, turning invisible for about one minute each time I tried. But Dad started telling me to go longer, eventually he would just yell at me. Yelling and demanding didn't help though. I would just go invisible for less amount of time. Instead of staying invisible for one minute, I would only last about two seconds.

I have this vivid memory of us standing in the entry room. We had been training for about two hours. I was in tears. I was upset with myself. Upset with myself for crying, but when I tried to stop, more tears would flow. This voice in my head was saying "Come on Y/N, just turn on your invisibility. Just get training over with. Why can't you do it. Why can't you do anything. This is all your fault."

Finally I yelled "I just can't do it! Please let me stop!" Dad just looked at me for 10 seconds. "If you can't do it, we will just wait." I sighed with relief. "Finally." I thought. "But follow me." Dad said.

I followed him and Pogo down the stairs and through a long, concrete tunnel. I was very confused, but I was mainly just relieved that training was on hold.

We finally came to a door with a wheel on it. Similar to the ones on submarines. I immediately recognized it as the room Vanya had to once go in. I started getting scared and nervous.

Pogo spun the wheel and beckoned me into the room. His face was painted with remorse. I walked in the room, and I was met with a bed in the center and a mirror in the corner. I sat on the bed and looked out the door. Dad was looking at me with his hands behind his back.

"Since you say you cannot perform your abilities, you will stay in this room until you show that you can fully control and conjure your invisibility. Grace will bring you your meals. There are cameras around this room and Pogo will monitor what you are doing and he will inform me when you seem to have control. There is also a speaker, if I need to talk to you. The training will not stop. We will just simply try something different." he said in a firm tone.

My heart dropped. My excitement from before disappeared. I sat in shock until Dad ordered Pogo to close the door. I started to run, but before I could get out, the door was closed. I was banging on the window screaming and crying. Dad already started walking back down the tunnel. Pogo just looked at me for a second. I hadn't seen him as sad as this before. I knew he felt guilty. He turned away and walked back.

Eventually after about 15 minutes of banging on the door, I gave up and laid down. I was crying, but I didn't make noise. I was in such shock, I couldnt make anymore sound. I laid on my side and let the waterfall of tears run across my nose and cheeks. Then I closed my eyes.

After a few hours, I woke up and sat up on my bed. I looked in the mirror across from me. My face was stained with tears. My pillow was still soaked.

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