𝕮𝖍𝖆𝖕𝖙𝖊𝖗 6 𝕸𝖎𝖘𝖙𝖆𝖐𝖊

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Weeks after the event.





Its fading


Its Fₐdᵢₙg..

W..why? I don't want to



Don't make me forget her!


"𝕳eya! Mind if I have a choclate bar?"

"Sure! they're 5 cents!" 

"5 cents?"

"Yup! 5 cents a pack!"

"Oh that's..pretty cheap..I heard that you're the principal's daughter! Must be pretty cool huh?"

"...Yeah, I, Uhm, Gᵤₑₛₛ! Heh.."

"Oh and..I heard you sell drugs!"


"But Its onw of the new girls..shes pretty mean and I don't think thats true! You seem nice!!"

"Oh uhm..Thanks!!"

"I'll tell everyone its fake! Anyways..Cya!!"

As I waved goodbye, I knew I needed to get revange on her..Who does she think that she can waltz in and ruin my business?! And half of the school don't belive her. Plus shes new so I don't think anyone will notice..I can ask Jade to do my dirty work..But that'd be a bit messy..who knows if Jade will tell on me..But gotta be honest..Jade is pretty cute with those chubby cheeks..

I want to squish them so hard till I feel blood running down my hands. I just want my fücking fangs ripping flesh out of that boys cheeks...

Wow..I really do need a chew toy..

I wasn't paying attention for the next few minutes until I see my dad going to me a bit drunk as he had a beer bottle in his hands, he glared at me and hugged me tightly so people can think its a daughter and father time momment..

"W..Wolfie..." He said softly

"Yeah Dad?"

" you're nothing but a mistake. I tried to get rid of you sooner. But your lucky..Your so lucky..." He growled and sank his nails into my neck..my breathing hitched and became a bit shaky and heavy

"D-Dad? P-please stop..I-It hurts-"

"Shut up...Just shut up." He sunk them deeper and I couldn't help but whimper

"dad i-i'm serious! P-please..."

"Why? See like I care."

"You do care. If you didn't you would of just killed me earlier.."

He growled and let me go, "You're a waste of my time..." He left as I rubbed the back of my neck and looked at my hand..It was filled with blood as I sighed and covered it

No more than a mistake..

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