Chapter 03

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Writhing and squirming within his rest quarters, Grey spiraled into the nightmare threshold that waited for him in the beginnings of each night. This time, he had fallen deeper into its talons than ever before...

Photon Streams pierced across blazing winds as they met their scurrying targets. Skies rained feathers and blood while the earth quaked in terror after every burst and explosion. Enemy Rattlers gushed out of their burrow bases like an army of manic fire ants. Screams were dampened under clashing blows of beta beams.

This was the symphony that Grey enjoyed. This is where he called his home. Moreover, this trench was his true nest.

Camped within his "ironic grave," as he called it, Grey refueled his Tachyon Blaster while his partner and longtime friend blabbered and gobbled about.

"Damn these Rattlers! Why are they even called RATlers? They're just mice! There can't be that many rats lying around!? Can Bless the Phoenix! I hate Rats! Don't you Grey!?" Flipper went on with his laments.

"They all squirm when you point a gun at them," Replied Grey in his usual drab tone, too occupied with the weapon that was closer to him than his buddy, Flipper. Pulling the quantum lever firmly, it gave a faint hum with a tachyon rich baby blue glow. It fumed with its fine azure mist.

"They say it's because of the rattling sounds their tails make when thousands of them march in tandem. They can't have THAT many Rats though!? They don't breed as fast as they say!? Grey!?" Flipper stammered to aim his gamma gun.

"Good ole' Propaganda, buddy. They can't multiply that quick. They ain't germs," Grey replied monotonously. Incinerating an enemy Rat that Flipper hadn't noticed was rushing towards them, Grey fastened his Tachyon Ray and went back to shooting anything that had a tail and two buck teeth which protruded under their armored mask.

"Oh, those rodents better beware. Nothing a Turkey like me fears" Flipper declared astutely "...but Thanksgiving that is-"TWEET TWEET****- went a transmission alarm "SCROOGES CARUNCLE!" Panicked Flipper.

"Fzzz-Copper Raven to Gre-y Pigeon do you copy? Over." Spoke the communicator from the other side.

Casually in the midst of all the shooting. Grey replied: "Affirmative. This is Grey Pigeon and Turquoise Turkey. Over"

"Psst. Its Spelt Tor-Kwo-eeeess" whispered Flipper.

"Meet us in rendezvous point tzzz-Alpha. Bird-Nest-Zero.There is something we have to show you, Pronto—ttzz-gotta go." 

"Copy that and over" Grey answered calmly as he turned to Flipper expecting the Turkey's predictable reaction.

"Get OUT of HERE? Where it's SAFE -right -where -we -ARE?" Cried, Flipper. Throwing his loaded gun aside which wasn't the safest thing to do at all.

"I don't think you know the meaning of safe in our situation," Grey smirked as he packed his ammunition.

"Safety is RELATIVE!" Flipper pointed out confidently. As he said that, a stray photon beam conveniently streaked before Flipper's now crossed eyes and continued its deadly trail. Flipper squealed like a little canary.

"Relative he says," Grey chuckled, preparing to pounce out of the 'haven' of their trench."Unless you wanna stay all alone where it is -oh-so -relatively- safe. You better come with me."

"As if I have a choice" Flipper gulped.

Rushing through the merciless battlefield, swift Grey and stumbling Flipper blasted through the rabid landscape. Flipper's seemingly petrified and erratic gravity gunshots were well aimed and strategically calculated. Either that or there were too many rodents surrounding them even to miss a single shot. Flipping over a stray rodent's tail, appropriately named Flipper fell right into enemies burrow. Grey stopped for a second to check up on his clumsy friend as usual only to notice his sudden disappearance.

"FLIPPER!" Grey called out to the surrounding entropy and chaos. He searched everywhere; the blinding noise would barely let a bird think straight. "Where is that idiot?!" he angrily muttered.

Suddenly, he felt the lick of cold metal on the back of his neck. Turning his head slightly, he saw a half injured Rattler with his blaster fixed on his head. The soldier had lost his arm, and a stream of blood trailed where his tail was and made a crimson puddle between his feet. It was moments before the Rattler would dry out and he planned on taking Grey down with him before he expired.

Grey never had a greater sense of dread towards rodents, and he HATED them. Oh, he did! To go down in the hands of a dying one too. How pathetic! He faced the great Phoenix on the other side with nothing but a petty death and a couple of feathers.

The abysmal train of thought was cut short for Grey, as a grand roar that ripped the heavens shifted everything that stood to the winds. Soon after that, followed a colossal shockwave that tumbled and capsized everything it met its wave of terror.

Suffocated silence fell on both sides. Noticing the Rattler keeled over, Grey eradicated his head with a pull of a trigger before he could regain his consciousness.

Grey searched everywhere in the barren wasteland for the cause of such destruction. Again it returned, the roar followed by merciless tempests. This time Grey dropped himself to the ground with a steady brace, he witnessed their ally Raider 75B Tank hurtling above him along with orbiting birds and rodents. Dust and feathers lacerated his skin, and when it was finally over, he looked up at the once scorched metropolis reduced even further to demons perdition.

At that very moment, his sights fell on a great goliath that overshadowed the skies like a living eclipse. Splitting dry earth in its wake with every step of its gargantuan claws, leaving meteor sized craters where it once passed.

It was draped in dozens of fine, dark stripes, covering its whole body in a mosaic of dancing shadows, too large to be painted by mortal hands. It had whiskers the size of spears and tridents, and fangs like hanging mountains peaks. It gazed at all that is and was with all-seeing eyes of a majestic golden hue. Within were deep black slits sliced in the middle that looked deeper than the eternal void. Whipping its tail out of whim, it took down towers and monuments, toppling them over anything that came close to its path.

"Canines! The Canines that retreated to the caves! When the angels fell, it was the hour of the taking! We have desecrated The Dirt! "A voice prayed in the distance. Prayers of fallen angels and blessed beaks. About tribes and wildlands. Tales about the three. Grey never believed in such folklore, and never knew what it meant. But there are times when beliefs change, and it was from this moment, that everything in Grey's life has changed.

 But there are times when beliefs change, and it was from this moment, that everything in Grey's life has changed

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