Chapter Twenty-Two

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Hello friends! It has been months and months since I've updated! Life has gotten busy and I've been distracted by other stories, but I promise I haven't forgotten about Kenna and Loki's story. There's still so much to tell and I seriously ship them. Thank you all for those who have stuck with me. I hope you enjoy the update.

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The evening of the coronation came faster than Loki could have imagined. It had been days since he had allowed himself to see Kenna. Not being around her was uncomfortable, but the loss of their magical connection, to not be able to feel her and to be so alone in his head made him ill. He hadn't been able to sleep and he was more irritable than usual as he prepared himself for his brother's coronation.

He found himself wondering if she too felt the burden of their separation or if the collar around her neck protected her from those memories as well. If enough time passed would she simply be free of him while he was left alone with the regrets of what might have been. He knew every servant and slave in the palace were busy with the final preperations. The bifrost had been running almost nonstop as important visitors from allied realms arrived to witness the crowning of Asgards new King.

Loki stood in the hall, awaiting his brother who was uncharacteristically late. His irritation grew. This was Thor's day, and he was keeping them all waiting.

Behind him, the doors slammed open dramatically and something was thrown into one of the large, golden braisers. The flames flared, stretching for the ceiling and sending several servants scuttling back in fear. Loki didn't even bother to turn around.

"Another!" Thor bellowed, his voice thick with drink.

It seemed his elder brother had begun the festivities early. Thor stalked down the hall, Mjolnir gripped in one hand. Loki slipped out of the shadows to stand beside him as they waited for their signal to enter the hall. Loki glanced towards Thor. His brother kept adjusting his grip on his hammer and shifting his weight.

Loki was resolute that his decision was the right one, but he felt a pang of sympathy for his brother. Thor had been preparing for this night all his life and it was about to be taken from him. One day Thor would be king, and a great one Loki was certain, but following the might and renown of The Allfather was not something Loki envied.

"Nervous brother?" Loki asked after a moment.

Laughter rumbled in Thor's chest. "Have you ever known me to be nervous?"

Loki smiled at his brothers good nature. "Well...there was that time in Nornheim," he allowed.

Thor snorted. "That was not nerves brother, that was the rage of battle," he defended sincerely.

A small smirk tugged up at one corner of Loki's mouth but he nodded placatingly. "Ah yes, of course," he agreed not wanting to upset his brothers ego.

Thor grunted and took a step towards Loki, his brow furrowed. "How else could I have fought my way through one hundred warriors and pulled us out alive?" 

Loki frowned. "Ah-" he started to say. "As I recall I was the one who veiled us in smoke to ease our escape."

Thor threw back his head and laughed. "Ah yes, some do battle, others just do tricks."

Thor's words were like a knife in Loki's chest but he refused to allow his brother to see how much his brother's words hurt him. He and Thor had fought side by side for hundreds of years and yet since the Battle of Harokin Thor's overconfidence and ego had begun to color even his memories of their times together. Loki had made the right decision. Thor wasn't ready to rule.

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