Chapter 11

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AN:/ There will be Icelandic sentences in this chapter, but it will be translated like this: abc (abc)
That is all, enjoy the story.

Cass's POV:
"So, where do you want to eat?" Owen asked me while we were walking from the benches on the beach.
"I don't know, not pizza, that's for sure." He chuckled at that and was about to answer before he was cut of by my phone.
I looked at it and smiled, before answering it.
"Halló Sigríður." (Hello Sigríður.)
"Halló elska, hvernig hefurðu það?" (Hello Sweetheart, how are you?)
"Ég er góður, og þú?" (I'm good, and you?)
"Ég er góður, en ég sakna þín." (I'm good, but I miss you.)
"Ég sakna þín líka. Var eitthvað eitthvað sem þú vildi?" (I miss you too, was there something you wanted?)
"Já, ég velti því fyrir mér hvort þú vildir koma í hádegismat?" (Yes, I was wondering if you wanted to come for lunch?)
"Ég myndi elska að, en ég með vini." (I would love to, but I'm with a friend.)
"vinur þinn er meira en velkominn að taka þátt í okkur." (Your friend is more than welcome to join us.)
"Ég spyr hann." (I'll ask him)
"Hey Owen, would you be okay with eating lunch with my foster mother?"
"Yeah, I would like to meet her." He smiled at me and I smiled back.
"Hann sagði já, hvenær ættum við að vera þarna?" (He said yes, at what time should we be there?)
"Yndislegt. er tólf hljóð í lagi?" (Lovely, does twelve sound okay?)
"Já það hljómar vel." (Yes, that sounds nice.)
"Sjáðu þig, elska þig Aerwyna ." (See you then, love you Aerwyna.)
" Já, sjáumst þá. Elska þig líka Sigríður." (Yeah, see you then. Love you too Sigríður.)
"Bless." (Bye.)
"Bless elska." (Bye sweetheart.)

I put my phone back in my pocket and turned back to Owen, wha was looking at me.
"Nothing, I just... you spoke another language."
"Yeah, I spoke Icelandic. Considering my foster mother is Icelandic, and she taught me Icelandic so I could fit in on Iceland."
"How are we gonna get to Iceland in time for lunch?"
"With this." I held out my wrist and showed him my Timevortex manipulator.
"It's a Timevortex manipulator, I got it from dad so I could visit him and Sigríður whenever I wanted."
"Awesome." Was all he said, I put in the right time and coordinates.
"Just hold here..." I placed his hand on the side and pushed the button. "And hold on." We landed roughly, and a tiny headache started to form.
"You okay Owen?"
"Yeah, just a little headache. But I'll live."
"The headache is normal." I told him and we got up from the ground.
"Are we really on Iceland now?"
"Yes, and my home is this way." I said walking down the path, towards a little village.

Owen's POV:
We walked down to a little village, and Cass stopped in front of a nice looking house. She knocked on the door, and an elderly woman opened it up. Cass and the woman hugged, before turning to me.
"Sigríður, this is Owen. Owen, this is my foster mother Sigríður."
"A pleasure to meet you ma'am." I said reaching out my hand for her to shake.
"A pleasure to meet you too Owen." She replied and shook my hand, she then turned to Cass.
"Hvað góður ungur maður, veit hann um þig frá öðrum plánetu?" (What a nice young man, does he know that you are from another planet?)
"Já ég veit, já hann veit og hann tók það mjög vel." (Yeah I know, Yes he knows and he took it very well.)
"Come on in, lunch is ready." She said and stepped aside to let us inn.
The smell of food hit me and my stomach growled.
"Hungry?" Cass chuckled at me and I smiled back.
"Yeah, it smells wonderful."
"Thank you." Sigríður said with a smile. Cass smiled widely after sniffing the air.
"Þú gerðir kjötsúpa?" (You made kjötsúpa?)
"Já, vegna þess að ég læt þig líkar við það." (Yes, because I know you like it.)
"Líkar það? Ég elska það! Þakka þér fyrir." (Like it? It's my favorite! Thank you.)
"Ég veit Elskan, og þú ert velkomin." (I know Sweetie, and you're welcome.) they hugged and I just stood there staring.
"I'm gonna pretend like I understood what you said." I said Cass turned to me and laughed. God I love it when she laughs.
"She made my favorite dish, it's something called Kjötsúpa. It's a soup that's made from the tougher bits of the lamb and a variety of Icelandic herbs and vegetables. Most Icelanders eat this during the colder months." She explained, and Sigríður told them to wash their hands and come sit down by the table.

"So what do you do for a living Owen?"
"I'm a medic, for uh..." I looked at Cass, hoping for help.
"He's one of my new coworkers." She smiled.
"Ah I see, and what do you work with now." She looked at Cass with a knowing look.
"Remember Captain Jack Harkness?"
"The handsome young man traveling with your dad and that lady friend?"
"Yes, him. And PLEASE, don't refer to him as that. He's my boss." Cass looked a bit disgusted by what Sigríður had said.
"So, you're not traveling anymore?"
"No, we hunt aliens. But only the bad ones."
"You should do just fine then Sweetie."
"Well I've only been on one case yet." I can't believe it, she's trying to talk herself down. I won't let that happen.
"And she did great, we got the alien in custody now thanks to her." I said doing my best to talk her up.
"So what do you call yourself?"
"Torchwood." Cass and I sad simultaneously before looking at each other and starting to laugh.

Cass's POV:
"This dish is wonderful by the way, how do you pronounce it?" Why is Owen trying to flatter my foster mother? What is he up to?
"It's Jack." Owen said and answered the phone and walked into the living room next door.
"Hann er sætur." (He's cute.)
"Já, ég giska á það." (Yeah, I guess.)
"Þú líkar við hann, ekki þú?" (You like him, don't you?)
"En þú gerir það ekki?" (But you do, don't you?)
"Já, ég geri það. En segðu honum ekki!" (Yeah, I do. But don't tell him!)
"Ég mun ekki, ég lofa." (I won't, I promise.)
"What are you two talking about?" Owen came back into the kitchen.
"Nothing!" I answered, a little too quick.
"Okay, well. Jack wanted to know if you were coming back to the hub tonight?"
"Is it okay for you if I stay at your place? I'm so sick of the HUB."
" 'course, we don't want to ruin the night for him and Ianto would we." He said and laughed at his own joke.
"Thanks Owen."
No problem, I'll tell Jack." He texted Jack at once, and put his phone away.
"Well, you should probably get back to... where do you live now?"
"Cardiff, it's not too shabby." I smiled, I was gonna miss her, but we had to get back.
"You're right, we should get back." I said my smile fading a bit.
"It was very nice to meet you ma'am." Owen smiled with his charming smile.
"And you Owen." Sigríður answered back.
"Kveðja Sigriður." (Goodbye Sigriður.)
"kveðja elskan." (Goodbye Sweetie.)
"Come back soon, both of you." She waved us goodbye as I transported us back to the beach with my Timevortex manipulator.
"I like her, she's nice." Owen smiled at me, my smile had vanished completely now.
"Are you okay?" He looked concerned.
"Yeah, it's just..."
"You miss her?" I nodded and expected him to just leave the matter be, but I was wrong. He pulled me inn and hugged me, it was nice. And when we pulled apart, I did something I never thought I would. I kissed him, passionately, and he kissed me back. We pulled apart and just looked at each other.
"That was..."
"I'm sorry Owen."
"No, don't be. That was nice." And before I could do anything he leaned in and kissed me again.

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