You and Harry had been together for about 4 1/2 years and your first child was on the way. You were about 8 months pregnant and weren't due for 2 weeks. Harry had suggested to relieve some stress that you and the rest of the boys went on vacation. You didn't think that it was a bad idea, especially cause you hadn't had your exact idea of an 'easy pregnancy'. You were currently on a six hour journey to a cabin that was practically in the middle of nowhere. 

As you pulled up onto this long dirt road that was surrounded by trees, looking out your passenger side window taking in all of nature. 

After what seemed like a never ending dirt road, it opened up to this huge mansion like log cabin that sat in an open area in literally in the middle of nowhere. You pulled out of the never ending trees and as your crossed over the line of trees a river flowed with a bridge that really just made this place seem like home. Even though your cabin sat in an open area their was still trees that surrounded the perimeter. (Log Cabin Picture Here -------> The Range Rover came to a stop in the drive way, and you noticed two cars already there. Niall, Louis and Eleanor walked out of the cabin and came and greeted you. You walked out of the car and took in your surroundings. It was so beautiful so peaceful and so beautiful. That was until you heard the crumbling of rocks underneath car tires and rock music blaring out of car speakers. It was Zayn and Perrie. You didn't have anything against them, as a matter of fact you and Perrie were really good friends but they just kind of ruined the mood. 

"Way to ruin the peace and quiet" Louis said crossing his arms playfully

Zayn just rolled his eyes and Perrie chuckled as the went to the trunk of their car to get their luggage. Harry had retrieved all the luggage from the car and was now carrying into yours and his room that you would be sharing. You followed Eleanor and Louis inside as they were giving you a tour of the house. It was quite huge, bigger than what you expected. Harry came up behind you and wrapped his arms around your belly and rested his head in the crook of your left shoulder. You all went and sat down in the living room because your feet were swollen and you hadn't even been walking that much. You laid your head on the arm rest of the couch and Harry was cuddled up next to you; his arms wrapped protectively around your belly. 

The sound of the final car pulling up was finally here; Liam and Danielle had finally arrived. 

"Took them long enough," Niall stated

"And I thought we were going to be late" Zayn stated looking at Perrie as she rolled her eyes playfully. Zayn leaned down and pecked Perrie's lips before we all got up to welcome Liam and Danielle. 

"It's about time" Eleanor stated embracing Danielle in a hug.  Danielle just chuckled a bit before coming up to you and giving you a hug, and then Perrie. 

"Dani was having a hard time picking out outfits" Liam stated grabbing luggage out of the car

"Yeah, enough about me. How are you doing (Y/N)" Danielle asked

"For a pregnant, good I guess" you stated


"I'm starving" Niall stated

"Niall your ALWAYS hungry" Danielle stated putting empathises on 'always'

"I'm hungry too" you whined making a pouting face

"Your pregnant that's why" Liam stated

"I'm with the pregnant lady, lets get some food!! " Niall stated getting up and sitting on the left side of you. Meanwhile Harry just rolled his eyes and laughed. 

"Fine, we should just get take out or something." Danielle said while rolling her eyes

Louis called the local pizza pizzeria and order 5 pizzas. 

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