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Calum's pov,

"Calum Hood!!" Fiz yelled and I felt like this house was shaking.

I quickly ran down to the front door. What my problem now? I sighed.

He just came to my house though. We had a little party for us on this amazing day. Fiz never liked me.

"Yeah dude?" I looked at him. I saw my wife was standing beside him with those mystery smile.

"What did you do to my little sister huh?" Fiz pointed to my chest.
"What?" I blankly said it. I looked at Natashya for helped but she just raised her shoulders.

"Honey, what did I do?"
"Think it,daddy" Natashya smiled.
"You don't know what you did? Gosshh Calum" Fiz shook his head.

"You just show to us that you are the real man, future pa" Fiz laughed at me and automatically, I felt I'm the dumb ass. Why I never think that he jokes around?

Oh wait, he's never joked around with me.

"Fuck, you make me shit in my pants. I thought I did the big mistake ever" I rubbed my chest and felt relief.

He laughed and Natashya too.

"You knew about this?" I smiled to her.
"Of course" she pinched my cheek.
"Why you afraid of me? I'm not gonna kill you" Fiz laughed.

"Because you never liked me"
"Yeah, you're right but I just want to know if you really do accept her after what she's been through" Fiz smiled.

"So now, we're fine? Like really fine?" I gave my biggest smile. I'm just so happy okay. Me and Nat just married for 5 months and this is the first time ever that Fiz talked to me without that strict face and annoyed face.

"Yeah if you make her happy"

"Dude! Thank you" I giggled and shook hands with him. Natashya stood there smiling.

"I will always make her happy" I pulled Natashya to my side and kissed her cheek.

"Keep your words forever" Fiz smiled.

"Oh by the way, congratulations for the baby. I'm going to be the uncle again" Fiz took the bouquet of roses and teddy bear in a beautiful box. Then he handed it to Natashya.

"You don't have too, Fiz" she giggled.
"But thank you" Natashya kissed Fiz's cheek.

"Everyone in there right? So, both of you won't let me in or?" Fiz looked at us.

"Well, come in brother" I pats his shoulder and Fiz walked to the living room.

"It's complete now,bebe" Natashya looked up to me.
"Everyone just here for us" I turned to face her.

"5 months you are becoming Mrs. Hood and now you're pregnant" I looked at her invisible baby bump.

"Well I'm not supposed to pregnant while you're touring but you just can't handle yourself and now, here we are" Natashya chuckled and wrapped her arms on my neck. Now, our faces closer to one another.

"That's because you are too pretty and beautiful for me to handle myself" I bit her nose.

"Actually it's not my fault when you just too flirty on me after the concert done" Natashya poked my nose.

"Fine whatever" I playfully rolled my eyes. I knew I never win when I talked to her.

"I told you so many times? Do not rolls your eyes when I talk to you" Natashya was stomping her foot like a kid.

Yes that's what she will do when I did it. I don't know, maybe pregnancy stuffs. Sensitive all the times.

"You make me mad. Now, kiss me" Natashya pouted.
"Why should I?" I laughed. I did like to see her pouting when she can't get what she wanted.

"Because you make me mad" Natashya groaned. I laughed harder.
"Go fuck yourself" Natashya pushed me away. She walked to the living room.

I held her wrist and stopped her.

"What now?" She didn't look at me.
I grabbed her face and kissed her on the lips. She smiled.

"I got you" she mumbled on my lips.
"Yes, you got me all the time" I grabbed her butt.

She chuckled.

"How much you love me?" I asked her a random question.
"I don't care how many kiddos you want, I will give it to you" she giggled.

"Are you sacrifice yourself just for my happiness?"
"Your happiness is matter to me" Natashya smiled.

This is why I love my bodyguard. Oh I mean ex bodyguard.

Calum is happy. Natashya is happy. What a life.

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