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Seulgi's POV

Argh.. what do i do with these two? I kept watching them fight for like twenty minutes, wheein isnt helping and shes just watching them fight while eating popcorn.

"Yah why not help me ruin a date!"

"Why ruin a date?! Its late anyway and im tired!"

"You owe me a favor jisoo!! What if your crush is on a date huh? I bet you want to ruin it too, but i wont be there to help you if you dont help me!"

"Fine.. but you'll get me some chicken when we get there."

Finally these two stop fighting and agreed to go, im taking a nap.

"Seulgi and wheein, you two are coming with us. It wont be fun if we're not complete. " moonbyul said, now looking at us. I immediately throw wheein's popcorn. Oopss..

"Enjoying the show were we?" Moonbyul ask as she raise her eyebrows.

"Ahaha.. i was??" Wheein questions herself, "well i wasnt, i know you'll both stop fighting in the end and i dont want to come. Im tired" I reason.

"Please just come, i promise we'll have fun after we ruin that date, we're going to eat outside and have fun. My treat!" Moonbyul said, if its her treat then im in.

"Fine fine, we're all going... but you owe us alot." I groaned, so much for taking a nap..

"Yeh just buy me alot of chicken will ya?" Jisoo reminded moonbyul, i bet jisoo wont stop asking moonbyul for her chicken lol.

"Anyways im ready, No need to change because we're still on our outfit." I said as i look into my outfit and their outfits.

"Oh yeah.. lets go!" Wheein push jisoo outside with her, going to the car. Leaving me and moonbyul alone inside the room.

"So.. who's date are you going to ruin?" I question moonbyul, suspiciously looking at her.

"Ha... ha.. thing is..." moonbyul nervously chuckled,

"Tell me, im going to see who's date your going to ruin anyway."

"Fine you got me, its solar and that eric guy's date.. someone told me to ruin it and I'll get something in return." She's obviously lying, so i put on a not convincing face.

"The truth.. is i like solar and i dont like anyone dating her. Im jealous.." She finally admitted, i grinned at that.

"Stop smiling, its not even that funny." She huff, Throwing her arms in the air.

"Im smiling because its cute that my bestfriend is actually serious for someone, not like the other you who always play around." I said, what i said made her cheeks turn pink.

"Yah!! Its not like that! I mean she's new and already dates someone on her second day. Plus i dont like the guy, solar might be touching him alot right now, its best if we go."after Moonbyul said that, she left, i laugh at her excuse and shook my head. I followed moonbyul outside and went to where her car is.

Im about to go inside the car, but felt a vibration in my pocket so i pull out my phone to check what it is.

Bae: Hey seulgay! I miss you already😘

Huh.. we just hung out earlier and now she misses me? What a strange girl.
To be honest im kinda missing her too..
She's fun to be with.

S: Dont call me that, we hung out earlier and you miss me that fast? You're unbelievable. 😆

I smiled, standing here like an idiot thinking about irene. She's so cute, why is she so friendly with me? People in my school isn't friendly with me, because they think im a loser.

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