Chapter 10

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How... how the fuck

"Right, yeonha?" He said. Thats when taehyung and jimin went out of the room. "Wa-wait guys-s! Where-?"

And thats when jungkook embraced me. "Why.. why are you hurting me like this. What have I ever done.. Yeonha. Just. Love me... Please." I gulped. "I-I do love you... jungkook."

"Why you acted as if you don't know me?" He sighed, sitting on the couch. "Well, thank god it was obvious. Now ever in the future whenever you will act, I'll know."

I gulped. "Look, jungkook. There was a reason behind me acting like tha-

"I dont know yeonha. But now you look." He said, standing up from the couch, approaching me. "I. Am a dangerous man." He whispered as he locked me on the wall. One of his hand covering the side of my head on the wall and other hand sneaked around my waist. "I might eat you." He said, pulling me closer to him. Our bodies slightly joined together.

Suddenly with a blink of an eye, his lips touched my ears. "But whatever you do, I won't let go of you now. Wherever you run. I'll run after you. I won't let you go, lee yeonha."


"Even if you run, far away from this planet, I'll go after you. Even if you hide, I'll find you. Even if you hate me, I'll make you love me"

"Because from now on,"

"You're mine."

"So what do you think? They are finding the princess all over the city?" Hoseok said. "Yeah. So we gotta finish the packing soon. Because they'll come here too. I have a feeling that soon they are gonna come here."

"I know that if they come here than they will only get yeonha not us right?"

"Please Jimin. She's a girl who just wants to be free and let her spend some quality time with jungkook." Jimin pouted.

"Okay not for her, atleast for jungkook, do this. Protect her."


Jungkook entered the hall. "Yeonha's dad... he's not that easy to beat. Not like those men in black. He's someone big. I checked his background and all that. He is highly secured with strong men. And also..." jungkook sighed.

"He even got weapons we never heard of."

"Weapons.. we never heard of?" Yoongi smirked. "This should be interesting. I mean.. wow. Lets just steal them."

Thats when the door cracked open. "Boss!" Said namjoon. "Bang PD nim."

Jungkook said.

"If you are willing to fight. For that girl, jeon jungkook. You. Are. Wasting your time on this bull shit!"

"But sir, I.. I love that girl."

"Okay okay I get that but you son of a-"

Jungkook kept his mouth shut while namjoon and yoongi clenched their fists.

Bang PD nim sighed. "She is not just a girl. She's a Princess for god sake! You can't protect her like thi-

"Why can't they?" Thats when you came. "I, lee yeonha, command jeon jungkook amd his friends to protect me from any danger." Jimin chuckled. "Thats it yeonha!" Taehyung whispered.

"B-but your highness-

"That is my command, and I won't take it back." I glared at him. "And you, whoever you are. Introduce yourself."

"I... I am Bang PD nim. Bangtans Boss, your highness."

"You better train them good. Get them good weapons. Because if I even got a paper cut, PD nim.. i swear that-

"No no your highness! We'll train them good."

I smirked.

"That's good."


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