Helms Deep

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Men & elves line the walls of Helms Deep. Saruman’s army is approaches, shouting & rumbling. The men are tense. They know they may not survive.

Legolas & Gimli stand at the wall. Gimli is trying to peer over the wall unsuccessfully.

“Argh. You could have picked a better spot.”

Aragorn comes over to them.

“Well lad, the luck you live by let’s hope it lasts the night.”

There is a flash of lightning. Thunder rumbles. Legolas says to Aragorn.

“Your friends are with you Aragorn.”

“Let’s hope they last the night.”

Gimli says as it starts to rain. All watch on as Saruman’s army comes into view carrying torches & long spears. Aragorn walks back & forth along the wall.

“A Eruchîn ú-dano i faelas a hyn an uben tanatha le faelas (Show them no mercy for you shall receive none)!”

The Uruk-hai stop. Aragorn walks forward & looks down at the huge army. Gimli is still trying to look over the wall.

“What’s happening out there?”

“Shall I describe it to you? Or would you like me to find you a box?”

Amusement was in the elf’s voice as he turned to the dwarf. Gimli just laughed. The Uruks began to pound their spears & roar. The men & elves ready their weapons.

An old man accidently releases his arrow striking an orc. The orc fell, dead. Everything is silent.

“Dartho (Hold)!”

Aragorn orders. The uruks roar in anger & charge. King Théoden speaks:

“So it begins.”

                                  *                                *                                *

As the army below ran forward, the elves prepared their arrows. Legolas informed the archers as he drew his bow:

“Faeg i-varv dîn na lanc a nu ranc (Their armor is weak at the neck & under the arms)."

“Leithio i philin (Fire)!”

Aragorn ordered. The bows are released & the uruks are showered with arrows. Gimli asks because he cannot see:

“Anybody hit anything?”

Nobody answered him.

“Give them a volley!”


Another volley of arrows flew over the army, felling many uruks. Aragorn ordered:

“Tangado a chadad (Keep firing)!”

Gimli waved his axe around impatiently.

“Come on! Send them to me!”

Many uruks fall dead. Arrows are shot back. A dead elf falls from the wall. The uruks put up ladders.

“Pendraid (Ladders)!’

Aragorn warned. Gimli let out a laugh.


Uruk-hai streamed over the ladders. Men, Elves, Orcs & Uruk-hai all fought. Arrows flying, sword slashing, the ground of the deep was littered with fallen bodies. Legolas & Gimli start having a competition about who could kill the most enemies.

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