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Aurora laughed at Fred who stuck a piece of bread up his twins nose whilst at breakfast in the Great Hall. The students were enjoying their last few hours of peace and quiet before the third challenge of the Triwizard Tournament will take place. Even Harry, Ron and Ginny had joint the group of sixth years for breakfast that morning.

The laughter died down when Hermione joined the group of Gryffindor students, slamming a newspaper down onto the wooden table and huffing in annoyance.

"What's wrong?" Harry asked, stopping his conversation with Ron and looking at his bushy haired friend. 

Hermione scoffed as she sat down on the other side of Aurora and began to read the newspaper out loud, "Miss Granger, a plain but ambiguous girl seems to have been developing a taste for famous wizards. Her latest prey, sources report, is none other than the Bulgarian bonbon, Viktor Krum. No word yet on how Harry Potter's taking this latest emotional blow."

Harry rolled his eyes at the words of Rita Skeeter.

"Don't listen to her, 'Mione, she's absolutely insane anyways," Aurora reassured the young girl next to her.

"Well she wrote one about you too," Hermione mumbled.

Aurora's eyes widened as her mouth opened in shock, "What?!" she exclaimed before she grabbed the newspaper out of Hermione's hand and scanned the pages until her eyes fell on her name as she began to read the article out loud, "Miss Aurora Black, the daughter of the mass murder Sirius Black, seems to have grown up to be just like her lady-killer dad. She seems to be in a relationship with a Fred Weasley, however, inside sources have told us she's been seen being too friendly with not one but two of the boys brothers. Now we know who Miss Granger is looking up to."

Once Aurora finished reading she noticed two moving images of her hugging George and Charlie at the second challenge, "I bloody hate that woman."

Fred looked over her shoulder at the two photographs and grabbed her hand, reassuringly stroking her knuckles which were clenched so hard they were turning white, "It's alright, A, not like anyone actually reads this nonsense," Fred told her placing a gentle kiss on her temple causing her to smile as she relaxed into his side. 


"Earlier today Professor Moody placed the Triwizard Cup deep within the maze. Only he knows its exact position," Dumbledore announced. Aurora watched from her place in the stands as Dumbledore pointed to the magnificent maze behind him. She was stood in between the Weasley twins. Lee was on George's side whilst the rest of the Weasley family was sat behind the three sixth years (they had come out to support Harry as did the rest of the Champions families).

"Now, as Mr Diggory and Mr Potter are tied in first place, they will be the first to enter the maze," The Hogwarts Headmaster continued, "Followed by Mr Krum and Miss Delacour."

Loud cheers came from the right hand side of the stands, where men were shouting, 'Krum! Krum! Krum!' and beating a drum.

"The first person to touch the Cup, will be the winner!" Dumbledore announced. He then turned his back to the crowd and gathered the four Champions closer to him as he told them about the rules.

"Is it just me or does Moody look a lot.....jittery than he usually does?" Aurora whispered to Fred, her eyes fixated on Professor Moody whose glass eye was swivelling around uncontrollably until it landed on Aurora's eyes. He held the gaze for a long time, she only managed to break out of it when Fred nudged her side.

"I guess he does, maybe he's worried?" Fred suggested, his hand placed over hers in her lap, as she nodded at him, "Yeah, yeah, you're probably right. I'm just nervous."

"Harry will be fine, I promise," Fred told her bringing her head into his chest as he kissed her on on hair before she pulled away when the maze began to open up, engulfing Harry and Cedric right into it.

"So when did this happen?" Mrs Weasley suddenly squealed causing the group of sixth years to look over their shoulders at her.

"When did what happen, mum? The Triwizard Cup?" George asked sarcastically.

Mrs Weasley wacked his shoulder, "No you silly bugger, this," she said gesturing to Fred and Aurora whose hands were intertwined.

Before the two lovebirds could reply a red spark flew out of the maze, the sound of it was almost deafening. Aurora quickly stood up from her seat as she nervously ran her hand through her locks, her jaw was tightened as she saw the maze re-open. She let out a breath of relief when she saw Fleur who was shaken up but luckily wasn't hurt or worse, dead.

Krum came back not long after that, his eyes were whitened over and he was taken into the Hospital Wing as soon as his foot stepped out of the maze.

The sun was starting to set, even thought Aurora didn't feel cold at all she was still shivering with nervous and anticipation. Both Harry and Cedric had been in the maze for well over two hours, surely they should've found the cup by now. As Fred was about to wrap his arms around his girlfriend a loud snap brought their attention to the front of the maze.

Aurora sighed in relief as she saw her God-brother holding the Cup whilst sat on the ground next to Cedric. However, unlike the loud cheering crowd she instantly knew something was wrong; Harry was hysterically crying as he clutched Cedric's body, Aurora pushed past George and Lee before she ran down the stairs of the stands and slid down next to Harry; who instantly let go of Cedric and clutched onto Aurora as he cried into her shoulder.

She stroked his back gently before she glanced up to see Cedric's eyes staring right into her, however there was literally no life in them. His skin was as white as snow causing her to look away in mourning as she felt tears slip out of her eyes; she may not have been best friends with the boy but she liked him as a friend and certainly didn't want to see him dead.

"Harry, what happened out there?" Dumbledore asked once he had ordered the crowd to sit back down.

"He's back!" Harry screamed, his voice raw, "He's back. Voldemort's back."

AN- Thank you to @theGoodeRavenclaw for the article idea, i wasn't too sure of what to do for it but I just really loved the idea x

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