Twenty Three

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Eve didn't fall back asleep that night. Instead she listened to Bucky's breathing as she let her eyes turn gray to constantly check their surroundings. She did this all night until Bucky began stirring at 4:47 in the morning. He started stretching slightly as he hugged her tighter before relaxing again.

"I need to break into Hydra," Eve said quietly. Bucky heard her and looked down at her confused with sleep still evidently resting across his face.

"What?" Bucky questioned her.

"This guy has been following me saying he wants me and is offering information about myself. He can control air too. He called me Eveline," Eve told him. Bucky is now awake and leaned up with her still up against him.


"Yeah, I want to know more and take my file away," Eve explained as she sat up to look at Bucky's reaction which was just constantly confused.

"Eve, I just got you back. There's no way I'm letting you just walk back into Hydra for a piece of paper to tell you what? What do you need to know?" Bucky pressed in a forceful tone.

"I'm sorry, not all of us have a museum exhibit of our life," Eve raised her voice at him. She expected him out of all people to support her.

"Don't. There's nothing in that file worth risking your safety," Bucky retaliated.

"That's not for you to decide," Eve said in a low and furious tone. She then got out of the bed and walked out of the room, slamming the door behind her. Next, she went downstairs to the gym. Eve walked over to the section of the room holding the tactical gear. She grabbed a new suit as Bucky walked into the room.


"What?" Eve interjected, still mad, making Bucky stop.

"I just can't lose you. I haven't cared about someone like I care about you in a very long time. I went through hell and back to get you back here safe with me. Please don't leave me," Bucky pleaded with Eve. He now stood close in front of her, looking down at her.

"I'm not safe as long as they still have that file," Eve said and continued to turn invisible to change into the suit.

"I can keep you safe," Bucky retaliated. Eve now reappeared in the suit, ready to leave.

"That obviously didn't work the last time," Eve raised her voice at him, visibly angry. Bucky suddenly felt hurt, which was evident on his face. "Look, you can either stay here or you can help me."

"I think I could help," Tony said from behind Eve. She turned when he spoke to see him standing in sweats holding a thermos. "You're always burning through those suits, so I made you one that could handle it. Come on," Tony said and gestured to follow him. Eve looked back at Bucky before continuing on with Tony, Bucky trailing behind. He led them into a garage containing Tony's workspace, tools, and some suits in glass display cases. They walked to the end display case which had a black covering.

"I know you needed something that could withstand all the stresses you put on it, so I made a fabric that could absorb stress and move with you. Patent pending, of course," Tony said and pressed a button to pull back the black covering. Inside was a black skin-tight suit with thin red lines running down it. There were also straps around her hips and legs to hold anything she might need.

Eve's face brightened in awe at the suit as she thanked Tony

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Eve's face brightened in awe at the suit as she thanked Tony. He grabbed the suit and handed it to her for her to change into.

As Eve walked back into the room in her own suit, Bucky looked her up and down, loving the suit but not the reason she had it on.

"Kick some ass, kid," Tony said with a wink and walked away.

"You in? Or out?" Eve asked one final time, earning a deep frustrated sigh from Bucky.


An hour later, the two of them stood across the street from an abandoned lot in one of the shadiest neighborhoods in New York City. The street is mainly bare with the occasional car driving past while Eve kept them invisible. Eve led Bucky across the street to stand in front of a chain linked fence with a chained gate.

"You sure this is it?" Bucky questioned her skeptically. He looked at her gray eyes as she then looked up, making the 5 story building appear out of thin air. She then looked back at him with a reassuring look before opening the door.

Bucky walked in behind her still invisible as she threw up her hands, making spears of ice fly out of her palms. They hit threw guards in the chest as Bucky took out his silencer-equipped handgun to shoot the other two in the head.

He then followed her to the frightened receptionist sitting behind the massive desk. Eve looked down to him as he quaked at the sight of her.

"Where is he?" Eve asked with a tone that let the receptionist know that was the only time she was going to ask him.

"Fifth floor," his voice trembled.

"Get out of here," she commanded before he scrambled out of his seat and ran. Eve then subtly nodded at Bucky to let him know to take the opposite hallway along the other side of the room.

He did as she told him and waited for her queue. She looked at the door before her, then quickly looked to Bucky. Not a second later, she busted down the door.

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