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Irene's POV

"Oh my gawd.." i groaned, lazily walking to the sofa.

"What happened to you?" Wendy ask, walking over to me, sitting beside me on the sofa.

"Joy.. she made me come with her.. to alot of places.." i breathlessly said, "Poor baby, just rest okay? Ill take care of you"wendy said, and so i laid on the sofa, feeling the sleepiness taking over me.


Some time later i can feel my head on someones lap, i didnt care who's lap im laying on, so i hugged their waist.
I put my other hand on their butt, yep this is definitely wendy. But she took my hands away from her butt.

"Aww why did you took away my hand off your butt wendy?" I murmured in my sleep.

"Its because im not wendy" i heard them say. Im curious to who's the person is, so i slowly open my eyes.
To my surprise its seulgi!
I immediately got up, but i bumped my head with seulgi.


"Omo im so sorry seulgi! Are you okay?" I ask, checking her head.

"Im fine, i should be the one asking you that." She said, as she rub her forehead.

"Im ok.. what are you doing here anyway." I ask, is she stalking me or what?

"Oh im here to do my project with wendy, i didnt know you live with her." As she said that i kinda felt.. jealous? Is it because they're both going to do a project alone together?
No i cant be jealous. I guess i can check on them or help them.. you know me I got nothing to do.

"Irene!" Seulgi broke me out of my thoughts.

"Sorry what?"

"I have been calling you for five minutes.. are you sure you're okay?"she ask, wearing a worried expression.

"Ahh yes..sorry i have alot things going on in my mind." I wave it off. And she gave me an awkward look.
"What's on your mind then?" She ask,

"I heard a shout! Did irene hurt you seulgi!?" Wendy came out of nowhere. Thank you wendy.
But i thought you're going to take care of me wendy, i guess you're taking care of seulgi now.

"Yes im fine, i was just getting Irene's attention earlier.. and she looks awful right now, you should let me take care of her while you do half of our project, if that's okay with you wendy?" Seulgi said, making wendy look at me and seulgi over and over.

"Ohh okay.. i suppose i can do that, just please dont smooch too much on my couch." Wendy glanced at me and winked.

"Wendy!!" I yelled at her, embarrassed of what she said.

"Just kidding!" She giggled, going back to her room.

"Yah.. im sorry..dont mind wendy, she's a tease." I apologized, when i turn to look at seulgi i saw her blushing.

"Yeah.. she looks like the type who teases."seulgi scratching her nape. "By the way what happened with you and jennie earlier?"

"Ahh.. we kinda got close by someone..? Anyway we should forget about her for awhile, i wanna get to know you more."

"Hmm ok, ask away." Seulgi says, crossing her legs, facing me. I too ofcourse did the same.

Im curious at her love life so i had to ask her, i just want to know okay? "Did you ever love someone?" After i asked her that, she gave me a sad smile. "I'll tell you another time, but not today."

Hmm okay how bout relationship.
"Have you been on a relationship before?" I question, hoping that she wasn't on a relationship before, but if she was, then they were lucky to have an amazing girl like her.

"Not really.. i havent thought about it." She answers, " your turn, how many exes did you have?" She suddenly ask, did i heard her right? Seulgi asking me that. I dont believe it. Oh well.. i dont like talking about it but okay.

"I had two.." i said, not looking into her eyes.

"Oh ok.."

"What snack do you like?"

"Ahh!! Pringles!" She beamed, i smiled at her cuteness.

"Do you go out often?" She ask,

"Not really... i like to stay home."


After getting to know each other by asking questions, seulgi left home saying that her friends needed her.
Its such a shame she left.. I'd like to admire her face up more closer though.
The way her cute monolid eyes look into me makes me melt.. omg i love her eyes, her pointy nose and everything that is on her face is just perfect. How can she have such a beautiful face.. and dont get me started with seulgi's pink soft lips.. it looks so tempting.

Sorry if im fantasizing over seulgi.. but i cant help it, you cant just ignore such beauty, but you will need to ignore her once shes mine. If i make her mine that is. Oh nonsense bae, me thinking about seulgi being mine? Not gonna happen, but im free to dream about it.

Anyway i should just hang out with wendy, like i said i have nothing else to do besides doing laundry and ironing.

I walk over to wendy's room and entered. I can see that wendy is laying on her bed, so i decided to surprise her by sitting on her stomach.
Her eyes suddenly fluttered open "Irene.. i cant breathe.."she whispered,

"Oh my bad.." i laugh,

"That hurts you know.. its not even that funny." She complained while shaking her head.

"Well you love to tease me, im just doing my revenge." I replied

"Ahh by the way, i know she is seulgi the one you like, because i saw that you two are close."

"Fine you got me.."

"Mhmm just go text her or something, i need my beauty sleep" wendy kicked me out of her bedroom, How rude of her to do that.

Fine I'll text her, i know she's with her friends right now..but it wouldn't hurt just to leave a message right?

Bae: Hey seulgay! I miss you already😘

There sent, Im gonna do some laundry now, You know to waste some time.. instead of waiting for her to respond.
She's with her friends, so i know its going to be a long time for her to reply.

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