Ch. 4

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~Thursday, September 15, 2000~

                ❤👑❤Arielle's POV❤👑❤


(Arielle's in a hospital gown provided by Carlisle)

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(Arielle's in a hospital gown provided by Carlisle)

I wake up, confused. The burning as finally stopped, but as I look around at the boy-ish looking room, I recall the current events. I was attacked, I should be dead.
"You're awake." I hear a voice, I whip around to see Emmett Cullen.
"Where am I? What happened to me? I should be dead." I say.
"I'll explain everything, let me go get Carlisle, he's a doctor." Emmett tells me as he leaves. Him and a blonde haired, older man with the same eyes walks in.
"Hello, Arielle, my name's Carlisle. You were attacked by a mountain lion and lost a significant amount of blood, I hoped it wouldn't have come to this but I had to turn you. You see vampires exist, my family and I are all vampires, but we only drink from animal blood. You are now one of us, you can decide to stay with us or leave, it's your decision." He tells me.
"Is this some weird cult? I don't want to be in a vampire cult!" I exclaim.
"No, it's not a cult. It's real, everything is real. You should be feeling a burn in your throat, hunger." He tells me and I nod.
"Emmett, take her to feed. I trust you to be able to contain her." He tells Emmett.
"I got it." Emmett says as Carlisle leaves.
"What?!" I exclaim.
"I'll explain when we get there, do you trust me?" He asks.
"For some stupid, idiotic reason, yes, I do." I say, taking his hand and running. As I look around, I notice that we're running at an inhuman speed.

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