Goodbye Letter to drugs

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I am speaking to you for ther very last time,

Never again will there be another pill,drink or line.

To live without you to me seems unreal,

But little did I realize how much you would steal.

You've raped me of everything, you've taken my life,

Three years of pain, anguish and strife.

In the beginning however, it was hardly that way,

We had fun together, I thought everything was okay.

But in no time at all we became more than just friends,

On your highs and your comforts I began to depend.

I relied in your pills, booze and your coke,

I couldn't get enough of your poison, I'd drink till I'd choke.

Would that stop me? No I'd take pill after pill,

Even though everyday I felt more and more ill.

And through a rolled dollar bill up my nose cocaine crept into, through my brain leaving holes as it left.

Then one day I took a look in the mirror and wept,

Because I looked of corrosion and death.

It was then that I realized you were not my friend,

Even though I was convinced that on you only I could depend.

Then it hit me like a ton of bricks falling from the sky,

That all you had done for me was made me cheat, steal and lie.

You neglected to tell me the price I'd pay for your high,

You neglected to tell me it was all one big lie,

You neglected to tell me it was with you I would die.

So farewell Mother ****er, So long and GOODBYE