Amusement parks you go to

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-Any and all Disney parks

-he even to you to the one in Japan, that's how you KNOW he loves you bitch

-he buys you a new pair of Minnie wars and a date bracelet every time y'all go

-you guys are like kids there

-Jaeden likes to take you to Universal Studios and Universal Orlando

-it seems like every time you go there's a new fright night thingy that y'all go to

-he screams like a girl and you scream just an octave higher

-he also likes riding the Jurassic Park ride, he rides it at least four times a visit

-He LOVES taking you to Six Flags

-Jack is very hyperactive and energetic so a place like Six Flags for him is heaven on Earth, after you of course 😂

-you like rollercoasters as much as the next person but sometimes you get scared and Jack forces you to go on

-whenever it gets to a certain part you were stressing about he squeezes your hand

-he likes taking you to Cedar Point

-it's a bit of a crazy day because he likes riding all the rides in a weird order

-he thinks it's cute how happy you are there so he brings you there allllll the time

-and afterward he likes to hear about how much fun you had, even though he heard about it the entire time you were there

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