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𝟐𝟔.| 𝐂𝐎𝐒𝐓.

𝐒𝐇𝐄 𝐖𝐀𝐒 𝐋𝐎𝐒𝐓. Giselle didn't know what to do with any of the information that she had, and she felt as if she said anything to the others, they wouldn't understand. Their reactions would break her and she would never know how to piece together all of the shattered pieces of the friendships that she had made. Giselle knew that she wasn't always one of the most common heroes in the room that she was in, then again she wasn't. She was born a Caster and she would always be an outcast in the universe with her being banished from the rest of her family.

Giselle found herself continuing the seclude herself from the others, and though it seemed rather foolish of her to do something like that. If she didn't want the others to have such strong reactions with what she was doing to herself, she shouldn't be so far away from them. She shouldn't be so quick to tell herself that it would be better for them if she just allowed herself to be as far away from them so it would be easier for them to get over them.

A heavy sigh left her lips as she tilted her head to the side, her eyes wandering over all of those that surrounded her, and she wondered what it would be like if she just disappeared. If she disappeared from the world that she was in, and if she returned back to the world she used to know. Though Obron wasn't the same as it was before Thanos had attacked, or after. Obron was a whole new world now after what Thanos had done, and Giselle knew that the world she was on was a new one as well.

As she sat there on her own, Calix Starr looked over to her friend and wondered why it was that she was all by herself when she had all of her friends there to help her. There were so many questions that went through her mind and she couldn't help but wonder why. Giselle was usually uplifted and a gentle soul that would do whatever she could and then celebrate afterward. The blonde had known Giselle for quite some time and she was confused as to where it was that Giselle's mind was. There was always something wrong and she began to wonder what had happened.

She also knew that there must've been something that had gone down between her and Mantis, and it broke her heart. She hated when her friends were in a quarrel, and she knew that if anyone was going to try and fix it all, it was going to be her. She wanted to help fix whatever it was that needed to be fixed, especially when both Mantis and Giselle were both in completely different headspaces.

So, Calix asked Nebula's girlfriend, Pandora, to go talk with Mantis about what happened and she would speak with Giselle. They needed to get their group of heroes back together, no matter what it was that they needed to do to fix their relationships. Giselle bit down on her lip as she sat there all on her own, while Calix made her way over toward the blonde. The Caster didn't even know what it was that was going on, not until the alien assassin had taken a seat beside her where she was.

Giselle glanced over to the Titanian woman and she gave her a somber smile, before looking in front of her once more. Calix tilted her head to the side as she stared at her, before giving her a quirked eyebrow, "Giselle? What's going on with you? And Mantis?"

Giselle knew that it was coming sooner or later, she knew that the questioning was going to start. But she hoped that it wouldn't have started so soon. She hoped that she would've had time to think about it all before she was forced to come up with an answer to Calix's question. So, she had to give her the answer that she wanted, and that was the truth, "I made a deal with Death and her daughter. If they would tell me how to get everyone back, I would have to offer myself to them so they could have a slave."

"Oh, Giselle," Calix sighed as she shook her head at the Caster before she buried her face in them. There was so much going on around them, and it hurt Calix that Death and Hermoine had their hold on Giselle. They would never be able to see her again if it was true and she didn't know what she would've done if she couldn't talk to her friend again. "I can't believe that you decided to do this."

"I couldn't help it, Calix," Giselle snapped at her, tears beginning to run down her face. "I wanted to make sure that everyone was going to be able to get their family back. I had to make sure that everyone had that person that they lost. I had to do something for everyone and you know that."

Calix nodded her head, "Of course, I know that! I know that you would've done anything to make sure that they're happy, but that didn't mean that you had to get rid of those that you love. You didn't have to sacrifice your relationship with Mantis in order to save everyone else."

"Yes, I did," Giselle replied to her as she inhaled deeply. "Because if I wasn't able to help every one else that I love, that how am I going to be able to have my own relationship? How would that be fair?" Calix was silent for a few seconds, and that was enough for Giselle to continue. "It wouldn't be fair. Magic has a cost, and everyone knows that. Everyone. So, when I had made a deal with death, I should've known that that was going to be my cost. And I just have to deal with it."

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