Truth or Dare

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"Shawn, stop messing around we need to get back home so we can set up for tonight." Justin said as Shawn was playing with one of the lobsters in the tank. Justin had invited a few friends to hang out and Shawn was allowed to the "grown up" party. Let's just say, he was excited to say the very least.

"Okay," Shawn said sadly as he had to put his new friend back in his water cage. Shawn darted back over to Justin and was being noisy as Justin texted a friend.

"Do you mind?" Justin looked up at his little brother and stared at him in annoyance. Shawn shrugged and shook his head, "I mean, I don't mind if you don't." Shawn giggled when Justin started to tickle his sides. "N-no!" He yelled and ran to the opposite side of the cart.

"You little brat," Justin joked at his sibling who stuck his tongue out at him. "Now stop it, we have to leave kid." Justin said as he pushed the car towards the cashiers, Shawn followed closely behind. Shawn was having a bit of a sweet tooth and he poked Justin's shoulder.

"Yeah baby?" He said as he looked at Shawn. "May I please get a candy bar?" He said, looking pleadingly at his brother. Justin thought for a moment and nodded, "You can get two since you were being so good recently," he said and ruffled his hair. Shawn brushed Justin's hand away and glared at him.

"I'm not a baby," he said rolling his eyes. Justin smirked, "You sure?" He teased and Shawn huffed and walked away while Justin snickered.

Shawn went to the small candy area and picked out two treats and placed them on the belt and helped Justin place the rest of the snack food up there.

After they purchased their stuff, they headed back home so they can prep before the small party that night. Shawn was bouncing off the walls due to all the energy he got from the candy bars. Justin chuckled and called Shawn over to help prepare stuff.

Shawn hopped over the kitchen island like the people in the movies and Justin walloped this bottom.

"Ow!" Shawn yelped and covered his bum with his hands, nodding when Justin gave him a warning glance. Justin used to do things like that when he was younger and he used to get scolded a lot for it.

Justin and Shawn simply poured the salsa into the dip bowls and put the chips in the chip bowls and Justin handed a bowl to Shawn one at a time to avoid him dumping them.

Shawn sat on the floor near the chips and dip, eating them. Not particularly hungry but nervous so he was stress eating as a few of Justin's friends rolled inside of his house. Shawn didn't want to embarrass himself by needing to be comforted by his brother so he squeezed his eyes tightly and tried to blink away his tears.

"Hey Shawn, man you've gotten so big." One of Justin's friends exclaimed in a deep voice, scaring Shawn slightly who wasn't typically used to it. Shawn nodded and smiled sheepishly as another ran their fingers through his hair.

"How's school, Joe College?" Another one asked, as he dipped some chips into the onion dip. Shawn shrugged and rubbed his hands together. "It's fine," he said half-heartedly. He loved school, except for the math aspects of it but his anxiousness was kicking in and was preventing him from socializing.

Shawn excused himself and tried to sneak upstairs only to be stopped by his brother, "Where are you going?"

"To my room," Shawn mumbled. Justin raised his eyebrow and pointed towards the living room, "You're not going to hide from every social interaction, Mendes. Go have a seat," Justin scolded and Shawn rolled his eyes and groaned.

"Do you want a spanking first?" Justin threatened which made Shawn look over Justin's shoulder in a paranoid manner, making sure that his friends didn't hear that embarrassing threat.

Shawn's face heated up and he shook his head no. Justin pointed to the direction of the couch again and Shawn sighed and walked back over, taking a seat on the ground again.

Justin came back over shortly and sat on the couch near his brother, rubbing his shoulder slightly as he talked to his friends about various things, especially some "dirty" talk which made Shawn cover his ears.

"Justin, I think Shawnie is having some issues with our convo," his friend snickered as Shawn was bright red and holding his fingers in his ears. Justin smirked and brushed Shawn's hands away, "He's always been like that when it came to that though."

Shawn chuckled nervously, "Can we change the subject?" He said as he took a sip from his soda, he asked for one of the Coronas but Justin told him no. Justin beamed with an idea at Shawn's mentioning, "Yeah let's play truth or dare," he sat back smirking, "I wanna know some truth from you crazy bastards."

Everyone started laughing at what Justin said, including Shawn who pinched his knee. "So who goes first?" Shawn asked nervously. Justin smirked and took a sip from his beer.

"I'll go. Ryan, truth or dare?" Justin sat back and looked at him with a curious face.

"Truth," Ryan smirked, making every one else groan.

"Took the pussy way out," another one of Justin's friends sneered. Justin laughed, "Okay, okay, have you ever had yogurt?" He asked without a joke or smirk on his face.

'What the hell kind of question?' Shawn thought in his mind, thinking his brother was losing it but part of him was hopeful. Justin was probably making it appropriate since he knew Shawn didn't like to talk about intimate things, right?

As the game when on, everyone went around until it was Shawn's turn to pick. "Truth or dare, baby." Justin sat back and waited to see his brother's response. Shawn thought for a moment before saying dare.

Justin smirked evilly and looked at his brother closely, "I dare you to tell us someone you have a crush on right now," Justin crossed his arms and grinned from ear to ear as Shawn blushed red.

"I wanna change it to truth!" He stuttered, blushing like mad. Justin simply shook his head. "Nah no backsies, gotta do what you picked." Justin encouraged.

Shawn sighed heavily and twiddled his thumbs before mumbling an answer. Shawn tried to ask someone else a question but Justin stopped him.

"You barely spoke English, sir. You need to tell us your truth." Justin rose his eyebrow at the blushing teen. Shawn looked as though he was going to cry so Justin rubbed his back gently.

"It's not embarrassing to talk about people you like," Justin snuggled his baby brother close and kissed his cheek.

Shawn looked at him and got courage suddenly and said who he had a crush on.

"I like this girl at my school," he muttered, "she's really nice and pretty." He concluded his sentence with a deep breath, "and she's fucking amazing person ever like... she takes my breath away and she makes me feel like I'm on cloud nine," Shawn went into a long description and Justin smiled listening to him.

It got late and some of Justin's friends decided they were going to leave and Justin walked them out. Shawn sat on Justin's lap and snuggled him, Justin wrapped his arms around Shawn and kissed his cheek.

"Did you ask this girl out yet?"

"N-no.." Shawn blushed and looked down.


Shawn simply shrugged, "I dunno. I don't wanna rush things right now, bubby." He leaned his head on his brother and closed his eyes, yawning. "I love you bubby, I had fun tonight." He said as he drifted off to sleep.

Justin had a big smile on his face and rocked Shawn gently, he knew Shawn purposely fell asleep to get out of talking. Would that mean that Justin would have to give up? No way! Justin leaned back on the couch, holding his brother while figuring out ways to get his brother to talk to this girl.

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