Chapter 3

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(I wanna start this chapter off by saying David and Liza are not dating in this story! Sorry for any confusion. Also, yes Liza will be in this story as well as the vlog squad :) Now back to the story.)


Walking in the front door clutching the bag of food, I took my shoes off and went into the kitchen where I was met by Gabe's back as he seemed to be focused on something in front of him.

"Are those chips good?" I interrupted.

He flinched and almost dropped the bag of Cheeto puffs he had up to his mouth. "Damnit Salem. Don't you know not to scare someone that's deep throating Cheeto puffs?"

I giggled and set the food down on the counter, reaching into the bag and pulling out his bowl, sliding it to him.

"What took you so long anyway? I was starting to think Una would become a good meal." Gabe said as he was now eyeing up my poor pup. I shook my head and rubbed my face.

"Someone asked me if I could help them for a video, and I said yes."

Gabe gave me a side look. "Who were they? Did they pay you? We're they cute?" He said wiggling his eyebrows and getting closer to me. I pushed his face away from me and went to the silverware drawer, pulling out two forks and handing one to Gabe.

"I don't exactly know who they were. The one filming said his name was David, and he had a friend named Jason with him. They were pranking someone named nick or Jonah, Something like that. I don't know it all happened fast." I said waving my hand around.

I walked to the living room with Gabe and Una right behind me.

We all sat on the couch and I started a show on Netflix. I started explaining to Gabe what the nature of the prank was and I had to "pretend" to steal food and what not.

"So they basically bought you food, for stealing someone else's food?" Gabe said as he popped in another fork full of food into his already full mouth.

I chuckled. "I mean basically yeah." I took a bite of my food and gave a little piece to Una.

"You mentioned they had a YouTube channel?"

I nodded my head.

"Yeah. I didn't really ask them what the name was or anything. I kinda just went along with it." I shrugged.

He nodded and started eating his food again.

After that we didn't talk to much about it that night. We ended up eating all of our food and watched at least a whole season of the vampire diaries before deciding we were both tired.

We both said goodnight and went up to our rooms.

Una followed close behind me as I walked up the stairs and turned the corner to go into my room.

I changed out of my hoodie and put on a loose fitting shirt before going to the bathroom and washing my face.

Closing my door to my bathroom, I turned on my bed side lamp, and lied down on my bed as I pulled the covers over my body.

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