Chapter 1

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Y/N POV (17 years ago)

There we were, standing outside the bank. They said the robbers were armed. Holding innocent people hostage. We started making a plan for how we would enter the chaos and who would go first.

"I'm going first," Luther said. This made me roll my eyes.

"No, you can't just go in and start beating people up. We need a distraction. Allison's our best bet," I said in an annoyed tone.

"I agree," Five said. I sent him a smile, to which he smiled back.

"Okay, who votes Allison to go first?"

Everyone accept Allison and Luther raised their hand. Allison slowly put her hand in the air.

"Are you okay with going first?" Diego asked.

"Yeah, sure." Allison said with guilt in her voice. She turned to Luther and mouthed 'sorry.'

She shouldn't have felt sorry. Luther's always been a bit full of himself just because he has super strength and he was always Dad's "Number One."

As we walked closer to the building, Luther glared at me. I simply smiled just to get on his nerves more.

Luther climbed to the roof so he could come down from the ceiling after Allison went in. The rest of us just waited at the back of the bank before going in the room where all the robbers were.

Five gripped my shoulder and gave me a reassuring look. I grinned back. We heard a shot from the room and that was the signal to sneak in. I sighed and started tiptoeing along with the rest.


3rd POV

Y/N Hargreeves was not an ordinary child. Well, she was definitely not an ordinary child.

Let's start from the beginning. On October 1st, 1989, 43 women gave birth. The thing that was so peculiar about this was that none of the women were pregnant before this day or the morning of. Reginald Hargreeves, a billionaire and adventurer, set out to adopt as many of these children as he could. He got eight. With these eight children he created the Umbrella Academy. Well, with seven of them he did.

Reginald only addressed these children as numbers. There robotic mother, Grace, gave them real names though.

Number One is Luther. His powers are super strength and durability.

Number Two is Diego. He doesn't have a power really, but he can throw objects and perfectly hit the target. He mainly uses knives.

Number Three is Allison. Allison has the power to control minds by lying. Specifically she says "I heard a rumor...."

Number Four is Klaus. Klaus can talk to the deceased and he can also see them.

Number Five was not given another name. Five can jump through time and space.

Number Six is Ben. Ben can summon tentacles from other dimensions through his skin.

Number Seven is Vanya. Vanya was the one person that doesn't have powers. She's "ordinary" as the family says. She does however have a talent for playing the violin.

And finally we have Number Eight, Y/N. Y/N has the power of invisibility and she can put people to sleep by touching them and transmitting a certain amount of sleep to them. The only bad thing about this is that she takes this away from her amount of sleep. For example, if she makes someone sleep for one hour, then she loses and hour of sleep for the night. She usually does not have to transmit long amounts though.

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