Auction Mishaps (Ryker X Stella)

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"Set course for home!" Stella shouted to the men as she boarded the ships. Their auction had just been infiltrated by Hiccup and the dragon riders. Thankfully, they still were able to sell a few dragons, but most of them got away. Stella was annoyed by this, but she kept a level head; there would be more auctions in the future, and with much better security now.

She walked toward the captain's quarters of the ship she was on. But a guard stopped her before she could enter. "I wouldn't go in there right now," the beefy man warned.

Stella raised her eyebrows at him and demanded, "and why is that?"

The man became visibly nervous, as he should've been. Stella was in command just under the Grimborn brothers. "I-it's just that..they're not too pleased with the auction mishap, and what not..." He explained.

Rolling her eyes, Stella put a hand on her hip, "none of us are, soldier. Now let me through."

With haste, the man moved out of her way. As soon as Stella entered the room, she was met with a dagger flying toward her. She didn't even flinch as it stuck into the wall right beside her head. "Oh, Stella..apologies," Ryker spoke with a growl.

Stella plucked the dagger from the wall and walked over to the older man and insisted, "you shouldn't be throwing things right now." She gently pushed him to sit down on a bench against the back wall of the room.

Viggo, who was sitting at a table in the center of the room, agreed, "Stella's right, brother. You shouldn't waste your strength on pointless rage; save it for our next encounter with those dragon riders." The younger brother held an ice block to his temple as he rested.

But Stella only smirked. "I meant because he's injured," she clarified, "I'm all for releasing pent up anger." She then took a seat beside Ryker facing him. He gave her a sideways grin. Stella was the strongest girl he'd ever met. People never thought of her as much of a fighter if they'd only ever seen her, though. She was absolutely beautiful, with long blond locks and innocent blue eyes; she definitely didn't look as hard as she was.

Yet she was still caring, in her own way. She didn't let many people see that side of her, but Ryker was one of the lucky few to know Stella inside and out. "Now let me see your shoulder," she ordered him. Turning his back to her, Ryker removed his left shoulder plate.

It was hard not to cringe at the gore on that stained his skin and shirts. She'd had him take off his vest so that she could get a better look. In silence, Stella began to wipe away the crimson blood. "Gods, what happened to you?" She wondered aloud upon sight of two holes in his skin. One was about two inches in diameter, while the other was half an inch.

"Some psycho with a hook for a hand, that's what," Ryker replied roughly, obviously still furious.

Stella couldn't help but smile in amusement as she began to patch him up. When he finished, she noticed Ryker's gaze of anger resting on Viggo, who'd laid down to sleep a bit ago. She frowned and turned his face toward her, warning him, "stop that; you know Viggo had no way of controlling this."

When his eyes landed on Stella, Ryker felt his anger subside. He sighed, a bit ashamed of himself, "I know.." His body faced Stella's now, but he looked to the ground.

"Hey," Stella laughed lightly as she turned his face to look into hers once again, "look at me." She sighed and smiled crookedly, "we gave it our best shot, as just didn't work this time. We've learn a valuable lesson in this, one that will make our operation stronger."

Ryker finally grinned, a chuckle escaping his lips, "you sound just like my brother."

"Is that a problem?" Stella teased.

"No, not at all," Ryker responded with a smile. His smile faded, however, as he went on, "you know, the crew thinks you and Viggo would be an unstoppable pair."

Stella raised an eyebrow. Her and Viggo? There was no way. And the last thing she wanted was for Ryker to think that that was a possibility. Her hand still on his jaw, she traces her fingers delicately down to his good shoulder and sighed, "too bad that'll never happen."

Now, it was Ryker's then to be surprised. "No?" He asked with a crooked, hopeful grin.

"No," Stella confirmed with a sly smile, "I think his brother is much more my speed."

Ryker felt his chest flutter. But he remained cool and played along with her. "His brother, aye?" Ryker questioned playfully, "I've heard rumors that he's got eyes for you, you know."

Stella couldn't help but laugh a bit at this. Soon, she felt one of his large, rough hands graze her cheek. He tilted her chin up, and looked into her eyes with an affection that made her heart melt. Anticipating what was about to happen, Stella bit her lip gently. Ryker smiled at this, then leaned forward, placing his lips directly onto hers.

Their eyes closed in sync. As the sweet, gentle kiss lengthened, Stella felt the man's strong arms lift her up and place her onto his lap. When she pulled away, she found herself sitting sideway on his thighs, supported by his right arm. She leaned her head into his neck and sighed happily as he hugged her body tightly.

"So this is what happens when I try to take a nap," Viggo's voice echoed in the room, shocking both Ryker and Stella. Stella looked up with wide eyes to see the younger man shaking his head and holding his temples. "I'm going to leave now," he sighed stressfully, "and try to erase that from my memory."

Once he was gone, Ryker and Stellas' gazes met again and they laughed. Finally, after months of secret crushing, the two had become one.

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