Chapter 18: Endless Love

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Who would have thought that two gems would get married? But what do you know. They love each other and that's what matters the most. Right? I took a quick look into my pocket to see if it was still there. Maybe today is the day.

Pearl: "Are you alright, (Y/N)?"

(Y/N): "W-What? Yes."

I jumped but put the small box into my pocket in time.

Pearl: "Here she comes."

Everyone looked up to see the beautifully dressed Ruby in her wedding dress. It was perfect. Everyone was here. Except Lapis... A lot of stuff has happened. Now I'm standing next to Pearl awaiting Ruby's presence at the altar.

It seems like she couldn't wait to get married as she was using her powers to run to Sapphire. Amethyst quickly tried to step on the fire that Ruby has left behind.

After saying sweet nothings to one another everyone clapped when Ruby and Sapphire became Garnet once again.

Later, everyone had a good time. Sadie, Connie, Jenny, and Kiki were standing behind Garnet, trying to catch the bouquet. But... Garnet threw it too hard in the air and it just disappeared.

Dewey and Jamie even danced together. I then joined the conversation between Bismuth, Amethyst and Pearl.

Bismuth: "Oh hey, (Y/N). We didn't really get a chance to introduce ourselves to each other. It's Bismuth."

I shook her hand which she held out.

(Y/N): "(Y/N)."

The bouquet that Garnet has thrown earlier then came down and landed right into Pearl's arms.

Amethyst: "Oooh, (Y/N). You know what that means." She nudged my shoulder.

Pearl and I just looked at each other.

Pearl: "A-Amethyst!"

Bismuth and Amethyst then laughed.

Suddenly a blue aura surrounded the wedding and all of the gems, including me, began to cry. Two giant arms could be seen. A yellow and a blue one to be exact. Those can only belong to Blue and Yellow Diamond. But they weren't there for us it seems as they were heading in the clusters direction.

(Y/N): "Steven! The arms are heading for the cluster!"

Steven: "You're right. I gotta keep it calm and in its bubble. I can use my mind to connect with it but only when I'm asleep."

Giant shockwaves occured in the distance while we were all standing around Steven in the Beach House. He eventually fell asleep. A little bit of time passed before he woke up again.

Steven: "It popped!"

The hand gains momentum then punches Yellow Diamond's ship, sending it flying away. It goes to us and gives a thumbs up.

Pearl: "It looks like it's on our side."

Peridot: "Not so fast."

We all noticed Blue Diamond's ship slowly approaching the beach and watched it slam down on the sand.

There she was...

(Y/N): "Blue Diamond."

Bismuth: "Come on, you rocks! Let's put her in a bubble!"

I saw something blue floating in the air with something really big in front of it. I need to check it out.

(Y/N): "Hey, Pearl. I have a plan. Try to distract her, okay?"

Pearl: "Where are you going?"

(Y/N): "You'll see."

Pearl: "Okay. But be careful."

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