forty six

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opheliar: don't ever leave me pls

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opheliar: don't ever leave me pls

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username: omg cute

charliemoore: i love you so so much
opheliar: love you too bby

tchalamet: my two beautiful best friends ugh i love you guys

zane: skinny legends
opheliar: you're the skinniest one
todderic_: i love your humor phe
zane: are you sayin that i'm fat?? bitch fight me
opheliar: i didn't mean to cause any harm love you two

username: ^ zane is the best

daviddobrik: come home asap
opheliar: bitch i'm home lol
daviddobrik: come to my fucking house lia!!
opheliar: sorry, i'm tired
daviddobrik: i hate you and i miss you

username: ^^^ LOLLLL WHAT


"missed me?" i said while wrapping my arms around david's neck.

"mhmm" he hummed pecking my lips. "now you have these two that keep stealing you from me" he pointed to charlie and timothée who were behind me by the door.

"oh shut up" i imagined that charlie rolled her eyes by my back. "you can kiss those sweet lips anytime you want, we only have her for a few days"

"yeah, yeah, i don't care charlotte" david joked leading me to the living room with my hand connected to his. carly, erin, zane, todd, jeff and natalie were there.

"you guys live here now?" i asked after i said hi to everyone.

"practically" david laid down on the lovesac, pushing me with him. i watched charlie and timmy sitting down by our side on the couch. "i just don't get tired of seeing jeff's beautiful face"

"thanks bro, i'm flattered" jeff responded with todd's legs resting on his lap.

charlie leaned in to whisper something in my ear. "he is cierra's ex, right?" she asked making me laugh.

"yeah, he is" i answered.

"what are you guys talking about?" david questioned looking at the both of us.

"nothing, nothing" i shook my head and he nodded resting his head on my shoulder. i wrapped my arms around david and started to rub his back gently. then, everyone began to talk about david giving 100 dollars to shoot them with a paintball gun. "david refuses to shoot me, and i really wanted him to" i commented.

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