“I’m hungry,” Sebastian muttered and resumed watching. This was the third bar they’d gone to, and so far he hadn’t seen a single steak. This was surprising, Sebastian noted, since this place could only be described as a meat market. He was even more surprised to realize he wasn’t enjoying himself as much as he should. What happened to experiencing different cultures and hooking up with locals?

“You wanna go get something to eat?” Sarah asked and Sebastian realized she was still around.

“Yeah…” he mumbled, his gaze still on the dance floor. “I’m just… gonna tell them we’re leaving.”

“I’ll do that,” Sarah chirped and before he could stop her, she was tapping Daniel on the shoulder.

Sebastian felt his jaw clench when the surfer nodded and flashed Sarah a wide grin. Clearly, he wasn’t ready to go yet. From the way she was clinging to him, Lana wasn’t going anywhere either. Wasn’t the whole point of this trip for him and Lana to hang out? First, he’d gotten stuck with Izzy, and now he had to deal with a couple of nobodies, too?

“All set?” Sarah placed her hand on his chest, diverting his attention. The blonde was attractive, and clearly a couple of drinks had made her less of a stuck-up snob… maybe making new acquaintances wasn’t so bad after all…

“Sure,” Sebastian replied and flung an arm over Sarah’s noticeably bony shoulders. She could do with a little less salad and a little more meat on her plate, he noted, but what did he care?

Lana was feeling the effects of the alcohol she’d consumed in three different bars so far. She hadn’t intended to drink so much, but Izzy was very convincing, and now, as she swayed to a slow song in Daniel’s strong arms, she wasn’t entirely uncomfortable. Not even when his hands settled a little lower on her back than she might have liked if she was completely sober.

“Good song,” she murmured against his broad chest, closing her eyes for a minute.

“I’m not complaining,” Daniel said and she could feel the vibrations in his chest as he chuckled. Frowning, she looked up at him. “Because I get to dance with you.”

“You’re drunk,” Lana hiccupped and poked his chest.

“Not as drunk as you are, sweetheart,” he chuckled.

“Me?” Lana said, her voice slightly more high-pitched than normal, “I’m tipsy. There’s a difference.”

“So you’ll have no trouble finding your way back to the hostel, then?” Daniel asked, amused.

“Of course not. It’s…” Lana looked around the crowded dance floor and pointed in the general direction of the bar, “…that way.”

“They don’t call you tour guide for nothing,” Daniel laughed and Lana glared at him.

“You making fun of me?”

“Not at all,” he said and cupped her face, “you’re adorable.”

”You think so?” Lana blinked, bleary-eyed.

“Totally,” Daniel nodded.

“Whatcha gonna do about it?” she slurred and Daniel grinned. Instead of giving her a verbal answer, he bent his head and kissed her.

“Mmm…” Lana parted her lips to allow him access. As Daniel’s tongue swept along hers, she held on to his neck and pressed herself closer to him. Everything was just so… mellow. She felt like she was floating, letting waves carry her to shore, loving the way they crashed over her.

Then, suddenly, a lifeguard grabbed her arm and pulled her out of the water and away from the thrilling waves. She groaned in complaint, but when she turned to scold the lifeguard for his untimely arrival, she was looking into a pair of stormy blue eyes.

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