Ch. 2 Part 1

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Eddie's Pov

   i backed away, slowly and once i got far enough from the room, i sprinted out of the house.

   once i got to the porch, i collapsed to my knees and took out my inhaler, taking brisk and hasty puffs from it.

Y/n's Pov

   i pulled away from the kiss, swiftly. "bill, this isn't right."

   bill looked surprised. "w-w-what i-isn't right a-a-about it?"

   "when i asked you if you knew the poem, i was just wondering. i-i-i like some one else. i'm sorry."

   "i-i-its n-no big deal. a-as long a-a-as you're happy, s-s-so am i." he gave me a smile. i smiled back. i love how understanding he is.

   i put my hand on his shoulder. "you'll find someone, billy."

   "w-w-who d-do you like?" he asked.

   "well, uh, its weird. i never thought i'd feel exactly how i feel about anyone, how i feel about him. i get this weird feeling whenever i see him and then when he smiles, i get so fucking happy." i explained.

   "i-i-i get that. y-you m-m-must be allergic to him." he retorted. we both laughed.

   i looked down to avoid eye contact. "its eddie."

   "eddie kaspbrak?" he asked. i quickly looked back up at him.

   "no, eddie bauer." i joked, with a blank expression on my face. "yes, eddie kaspbrak. i guess when he stood up to bowers for me on the last day of school, it kinda... sparked something, i guess."

   "th-th-that's really cute."

   richie slid into the room before i could answer. "lets get outta here before dad comes home." bill and i both nodded. i grabbed eddie's clothes so i could give them to him and i followed richie out of the house.

i felt eyes on me as i exited my house. i noticed eddie. he was sweaty and his face was red. his hair and clothes were drenched with sweat. he stomped towards me and yanked his clothes out of my hand and walked next to stan and ben.

"l-l-lets g-go for a b-bike ride." bill suggested.

"wait–" i turned to eddie. "–eds, are you ok?"

he scoffed and walked away, stan and richie followed him and they all got on their bikes. ben gave me a small smile and slowly walked after them. bill and i looked to each other before walking over there and grabbing our bikes.

we both knew something was up.

   we began biking down random roads. anytime i got anywhere even close to eddie, he would bike to stan's side.

   after a few minutes, we all got down and started walking with our bikes. "g-guys." bill said, snatching our attention. we all turned to him and stopped walking. "i-i-i saw georgie... last n-n-night."

"i-i-it seemed so r-real. except t-t-there was th-this–" bill was cut off by eddie.

"–clown." we all turned to eddie. "yeah, i saw him too."

"'you'll float too.'" i blurted out. every one gave me confused looks. "th-that's what mom, betty, patrick, and georgie kept saying."

"woah woah woah, patrick hockstetter? like henry bowers' friend, patrick?" richie asked.

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