1; Mashton: Ageplay

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Michael; 18
Ashton; 19



Michael ran around giggling, and I noticed he he was beginning to trip up a lot, hurting his knees over and over. He was getting tired. 
'Honey, come here a moment,' 
'Running round though Daddy,' 
'I know, c'mere bubba,' he shook his head, pouting. 'If I have to tell you again, there will be consequences,' he pouts, but stomps over. 
'Watch your attitude little boy, I was only trying to ask you if your knees were okay, because you keep falling over,'
'They okay, they okay, look,' 
'That's good, now honey, I'd like it if you'd sit down for a little while, okay?'
'Don't wanna,' 
'I know, but Daddy wants you to sit down and watch TV or something, for just a little while,'
'But- but- but-'
'No Mikey, I am telling you, you are going to sit down, and if this attitude carries on, you won't go back outside today, understand?'
'Uh huh,'
'Now go sit down, what would you like to do? Watch TV, go on the laptop, or go on Daddy's phone?' He carried on pouting, so I just left him to sit and decide what he was going to do. 
'Daddy?' he whined, obviously unhappy I didn't go along and give in to his pout.
'Yes Mikey?'
'Why walk off?'
'I'm not giving in to you Mikey, you're going to sit down for a bit- and with the amount of attitude you have been giving me, I know if I carry on with you, you will throw a tantrum, and I'm not going to deal with a tantrum from you. You are Daddy's little boy, you listen to what Daddy tells you,' he rolled his eyes, going back to pouting. 'That's it, you're going to have a time out,' 
'No,' I lift him up, carrying him to the corner bean bag, placing him down.
'Don't move, you've got 5 minutes to sit and think. You're sat here because of your attitude towards me, and if you move before time out finishes, I'll just bring you back, and your time will start again. You'll still be able to see me, and you'll see the timer, so you'll know how long you have left. Understand me?'
'No staying,' he stuck his tongue out, getting up
'You have 5 seconds to sit back down. 5-4-' he poked my face, growling at me- so I sat him back down myself, after giving him 3 quick slaps to his ass. 'You do not poke Daddy's face, and you do not growl at Daddy. And if you carry on, you're walking yourself into a spanking,' he whines, pulling his hair. 
'No, don't do that hun, sit down and stay for your time out, and it'll all be over,'
He finally gave in, sitting down peacefully, crossing his legs and pouting, so I set the timer, and sat on the couch.

5 minutes later, the timer went off, and I crouched in front of him. 
'Right honey, you were sat there for your attitude towards Daddy. You got the spanks for poking me in the face and growling. Do you understand that?'
'Uh huh,' 
'And now, I think you need to say something to Daddy, right?'
'Sorry Daddy,' 
'That's it, now, give Daddy a hug, yeah?' he nods and hugs me. 'I think you need a nap, don't you?' 
'Uh huh, sleepy,' 
'I know honey, I can tell, coz Daddy has magic powers,' he giggles and then yawns, kissing my cheek.
I lift him onto my waist, leaning down to pick up his stuffed lion, Daniel. He whines, rubbing his eyes and making grabby hands towards the lion. 
'Magic word bubba?'
'Please have Daniel?' he whines, pulling his hair again.
'Course you can, but please stop pulling your hair baby, you're okay,' I gently grab his hands and he whines, putting them back through his hair.
'Daddy hurts,'
'What hurts bub?'
'Tummy and knees,' I nod, carrying him upstairs

Once he'd fell asleep, I picked up my laptop, I needed to complete a few documents from work, but I was tired myself. I was falling to sleep against Mikey as I typed.
'Mm sweet dreams honey,' I mumble

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