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He didn't want to be tied down. He wanted his freedom. He wanted to drink, the sex, the flirting, the getting drunk and waking up naked next to someone without anyone trying to tell him that it was wrong. He wanted his pleasure. And their suffering. 

But he was tied down by his parents. They watched over him. So most of his life, he spend it in secret. Going around, flirting, drinking, anything he could come up with.
And he had done anything to just escape their watchful eyes.

He accepted an arranged marriage with a woman he didn't even know. He said he wanted one to his parents. Just so he could escape them. But now, he's been tied down by her. By a ring and a vow. A promise to which she is loyal but he is not. That promise was just a waste to him. But to her, he doesn't know.

Yet, here he is again at his favourite bar after work, waiting for another fun night to experience.

"Same thing?"
"Always," he chuckles, watching the bartender turn around to make his drink.
"So how is life?"
"Boring as always."
The bartender turns around and places Jun's drink down in front of him.

"You should settle down somewhere and with someone and get things done in your life."
Jun looks up at him, taking his drink in his hand. "Believe me, there is nothing fun to that at all," he says and swallows the drink.
"How would you even know?"
"I'm married."

Jun turns around and glances at the dancing floor, in search for someone wasted

"But! You're cheating on your wife!"
"It's arranged. She knows and she doesn't care. Neither do I," he speaks until he spots someone staring at him.
He gets up and loses up his tie, "I'll see you next time." And with that he slips in the crowd of people, following the person he had just seen.

He finally reaches her and quickly slips his hand around her waist, "hey, am I really that attractive for you to be staring at me?"
"Maybe," she smiles lightly.
"Hmmm, you sure aren't bad either," he smirks leaning in, whispering in her ear.
She chuckles, lightly pushing him away.

"Let's have some fun," he says and traces his hand over her shoulder and arm. "Sure," she replies.

She was wasted, he was slightly tipsy. And he lead her to his car, and drove her to his house. It sure wasn't the first time. And it sure wouldn't be the last. She stumbled beside him towards the house and entered it.

I could hear the door open and close. Two sorts of footsteps in the hallway. I could hear it all even if I didn't want to.

The whispers late at night were still chasing me. Every moan that fell from their lips echoed through the house. I could hear how he roamed his hands around her body. I could tell how he was smiling at her, holding her in his arms just like he did to many others before.

Even if I couldn't see any of it. I could hear it. I could imagine how he was with strangers that he only gave one night of pleasure.

And to me... His own wife. Even if it was arranged.

He never even smiled at me.

He never would.

I am just a waste of time and place.

~author note~

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