4: Much-Needed Chats

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Sonic and Shadow were getting back to Manic's house.

As they continued, Shadow finally asked about something that was bothering him. "Sonic, you said before that it had been a long time since you've seen your younger brother?"

"Technically, we're two of a set of triplets, all the same age." Sonic corrected. "But yeah, why?"

"Well, he acted downright strange while we were around him. His... episode, that hasn't happened before?"

Sonic thought. "No, not that I know of."

"Sonic... Do you think he may be a bit unstable? Emotionally unstable?"

Sonic was unsure of what to make of this. "I don't know. What are you getting at?"

"Sonic, think. Your brother had three people around him earlier, and it was clear that he was holding in anger. Now, Silver's the only one he has to worry about. How much do you think he'd hold back?"

As much as Sonic truly hated it... there was still good chance that Shadow was right. If Manic is unstable, and Silver's alone with him...

"We need to get to the house." Sonic said, running, now.

Shadow immediately picked up his pace. If Sonic didn't trust his own brother, he definitely didn't want him alone with Silver.

When they reached the house, Sonic quickly unlocked the door and ran in.

Sonic froze. "Oh... my..."

Shadow stood, also shocked.

Silver and Manic were happily talking, and were so deep in conversation that they hadn't noticed Sonic and Shadow come in.

"I mean, the compliments are great and all, but people don't seem to realize how hard this hair is to take care of." Manic said. "Just one bobby pin out of place,"

Manic pulled out one of the bobby pins in his quills, and his bangs immediately fell into his face.

"Oof." Silver watched as Manic put his hair back in order. "I have a similar problem. See my chest fur, here?"

Manic seemed shocked. "I thought you were just wearing a scarf. Which was weird to me, since it's not really cold, today."

"See, a good few people think that. But it's not a scarf. I just have to brush it back, otherwise..."

Silver ruffled up his chest fur, and it puffed up unflatteringly around his neck. "This happens."

As Silver fixed himself, Manic asked, "Why not trim it?"

"Now that you mention it, I need to schedule a trim... Oh, hey, they're back."

Manic turned, surprised. Considering how sensitive his ears were, it was odd to think he hadn't heard Sonic and his friend come in. "Oh, hey. When did you two get here?"

"Uh... Just got here..." Sonic answered. "You feeling better?"

Manic nodded. "Silver's a really good listener. It's a nice change."

Sonic, oblivious to what Manic was clearly hinting at, responded, "Well, that's a relief. Shadow and I were worried about you."

"Speak for yourself," Shadow said, putting his takeout bag on the counter.

"Okay, I was worried," Sonic said to Manic. "Well, since you're feeling better, let's get started on the moving."


"Uh, that can go in the guest room. I'll take care of the other box."

Sonic, (reluctantly) Shadow, and Silver were helping move furniture and boxes into different rooms of Manic's house. They were nearly done, but there were still some random boxes lying around to be unpacked.

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